When Your Words Come Back to Haunt You

I spent a lot of the time during Ivy’s early eating adventures bragging about what a good eater she was. She’s not picky at all! She’ll eat anything. Green beans? Peas? Bring it on! My little girl loves her veggies!!

Well, it seems that now all that bragging is coming back to bite me in the ass. Because these days? Ivy refuses to eat anything green that isn’t avocado. Her beloved peas? Forget about it. Even if I try to ‘sneak’ them in with her absolute favorite food of all time, pasta with marinara, she will eat around them. If she does miss one and it ends up in her mouth? Right out. There was a time when she was really fond of broccoli as well. Now? Even when I mash it into the tiniest of particles and try to ‘hide’ it in something else, she refuses it. She will, occasionally eat green beans but they have to be chopped up into tiny little pieces or else, no dice.

A hilarious thing happened last week. In the morning, Jon and I had a random conversation about how Ivy never got into throwing her food or food bowls. That night, I made her some chicken sweet potato and green beans, a dinner that in the past would have been eaten with enthusiasm. But oh no, not these days. She was kind of picking at it, mixing the food around and eating bits of chicken here and there. I went into the kitchen for a minute, and got distracted by a phone call. When I came back in to the living room (which doubles as our dining room) I saw that the entire contents of Ivy’s dinner had been thrown around. Like all over the damn living room. It was hard not to laugh, I actually had to go into the hallway to laugh for a minute. I mean come on we JUST SAID that morning she never threw food and here she had emptied to contents of her dinner bowl all over the floor. But I composed myself and gave her a stern talking to about not throwing food. I asked her if she wanted anything else to eat and she said no, and that was that. We have not had a food throwing incident since.

That particular incident aside, she is still a pretty good eater and does not shy away from really flavorful stuff like curry but it’s just the green that she is growing to dislike. She is also still willing to try out new things which is good. This could have less to do with her palate and more to do with those new toddler personality traits she seems to be possessing. You know the ones that think normal everyday activities like hair brushing and diaper changes are THE WORST EV-ER and must be accompanied by screaming, screeching, crying and occasionally trying to headbutt me and/ or thrash herself right off the changing table. I really hope she outgrows this phase sooner rather than later, but something tells me that the toddler years are going to be a challenge.

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Wordless: We Stand With Planned Parenthood

From Saturday’s Rally for Womens Health in Manhattan:






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Mobility Part 6: Frustration Sets In

Since my last post very little has happened on the walking/standing/early intervention front. We had the second evaluation – the one where they evaluate her speaking & social skills. That one felt more grilling than the last; it was like 10,000 questions. Then Ivy had a bunch of ‘tasks’ to complete like putting a small object into a bigger one, shape sorting and pointing to various pictures when asked “Where’s the cat?” or “Where’s your eye?”. It felt kind of like the SAT’s for my child. The therapist was impressed when Ivy got to the shape sorter and started saying “Star” and “Circle” and was able to identify colors. I guess all this kind of stuff is advanced. To me the whole thing was like a real life test of those babycenter milestones. It was kind of annoying, especially when I read the report after. But I’ll get to that in the moment.

We explained that the physical therapist was going to recommend therapy for Ivy and the woman said she would fill out her report and we would hear from our coordinator about setting up a meeting to discuss our therapy program. This was like a month ago. After a few weeks we called the coordinator who said we should be recieving the reports soon and she would be in touch to schedule a meeting. We finally got the letter and reports which seemed really conflicting. Like, the letter said Ivy does NOT qualify for the early intervention program but when I read both therapists reports they said they were going to recommend therapy. So I called for some clarification last week and was told someone would contact me Tuesday. And they did, but I missed the call and when I called back? Voicemail. So I left a message and still haven’t heard back.

In the meantime, Ivy’s still not making any effort to stand or walk. We do the exercise the PT showed us, and she’s getting better at it – and by better I mean less crying when we do it- but she’s still not really standing on her own. Which is really frustrating to me because it means still lugging her and the stroller up and down the steps and all over the place. I’m still trying really hard not to stress but it’s at the point where I’m starting to freak out a little on the inside and blame myself for something I’ve obviously done wrong. And I guess I shouldn’t expect much from early intervention – I mean it is a state run program and I’m sure there are plenty of children that need the services beyond my little girl who won’t walk. But it would at least be nice if they would explain to me what our next steps would be. Like, say seeking out private PT services that (hopefully) our insurance would cover. But this whole not knowing what step is next is killing me.

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Wordless: The Coolest Kid in the Park

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Epic Playgroup Meltdown

Last week, I decided to take Ivy to this playgroup that someone from my parents email list has been organizing at the Recreation Center in Sunset Park. I thought Ivy might enjoy some time chilling with the other kids, and some of the kids we know from our playgroup this summer occasionally go, so I thought it would be nice to run into their parents. So I got ready to go, despite the fact that it kind of was scheduled during her nap time. But her naps have been so unpredictable lately and for several days before she hadn’t been napping until about 2 anyway. So we headed over as she seemed not at all tired and pleasant enough.

But that all changed, as in order to get to the room where the playgroup was help, we had to march through the basketball gym which, at the moment contained about 40 + screaming kids aged 8-10 years old. So by the time we navigated our way through that mess, ivy was already crying. She calmed down a bit when we got into the room, but started freaking out when I went to take her out of the stroller. She kept pointing to the door saying “Mom – Bye Bye?” When I asked her if she wanted to play with the other kids she yelled “NOOOOOOOO BYE BYE” and then went into a total screaming, panting, tantrum. Sadly, I didn’t know anyone there and most of the little ones were babies. Like, I think the oldest was 9 months – the rest were doing tummy time. One of the moms took pity on me and came over and tried to help calm Ivy down. Sadly, this didn’t help at all. The rest of the moms and nannies there were kind of giving me the stink eye, and by this time the rowdy older kids were out of the basketball courts so I decided to take Ivy out there and see if I could calm her down. She did calm, but when I took her back into the playgroup room she started up again. Except for the nice mom-who I think was the person who organized the playgroup- and another mom with a super little baby I was totally getting looks from the others. It was at this point I decided playgroup was a bust and lets just get out of here. I thanked the nice mom, who apparently wasn’t at all phased by the yelling because she said she hoped to see me again soon and that they were trying to get a later afternoon time of day for a 2nd playgroup. It was at this point that I felt like turning around to the rest of the group and yelling “JUST YOU WAIT YOUR KIDS ARE ALL CUTE LITTLE BABIES NOW BUT SOMEDAY THEY WILL BE TODDLERS AND YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF DEALING WITH THE SCREAMING“.

Ivy was totally crabby for the rest of the day and I’m going to go ahead and blame the day before the full moon because everyone else I know who has a toddler also experienced a very meltdown filled day. It could also be teething as Ivy is cutting her top two canines right now, and although the bottom two came through without much fanfare she has been really rubbing her top gums and chewing on things, so there’s that.

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Wordless: At Least it Stopped Her From Screaming

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This Will Probably Come Back to Haunt Me x 1000

Jon and I decided since only soppy fools go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day that we’d opt for the less popular Valentines Breakfast out. Ok, actually, it had nothing to do with Valentine’s we just wanted to go out since it was so nice out. Jon suggested we go to Chipshop which I was totally down for because who doesn’t love a good English breakfast? But as it turns out, they only serve it on weekends. Since I’m not a huge fan of their fish & chips and plus I wanted breakfast, we decided to go elsewhere.

It was getting late, and any place that was serving breakfast was turning over to lunch anyway so we settled on a regular old coffee shop. Ivy was happy to get in the high chair (she’s not always) and we quickly ordered as I was dead set on french toast. Not long after we sat down another couple came in with their two kids, a toddler about Ivy’s age and a girl who was probably around 4. As soon as they sat down, the little girl was tearing apart the little vase of flowers that were on their table, and the toddler was standing on his chair ripping the heart decorations off the wall. We got our food and started to chow down, while the noise at the table behind us escalated and suddenly the manager was there, taking the flower arrangement off the table, as the toddler had now snapped the plastic heart off it’s stem and the little girl was pulling all the petals off the flowers. He walked away with it, and the little girl started to scream. The manager went back to the table and said “I’m sorry but they broke the heart and were messing up the flowers” and the mom said to the manager ” Well, she’s crying now because she says you ruined everything – we live next door and come here every day and have never had a problem before”.

At this point I almost choked on my french toast and couldn’t resist the urge to tweet ‘I know it’s naughty but we r having one of those “our kid is such an angel compared to your little hellian” moments. The mom’s reaction made me not feel so bad about being proud of my little lady who was happily eating her eggs and occasionally pointing up to the decorations to say “ART” (she has not yet mastered the H). I mean really lady? “A problem” The poor guy was just trying to preserve the flower arrangement for the rest of the day. Just because you’re shelling out some money for a burger and some pancakes does not give your children free reign to do whatever it is they please. Because you patronize a place all the time that gives your kids the right to rip shit apart and tear decorations off the wall? Seriously?

Like I said, bitching about this woman and her unruly kids will probably come back to haunt me and someday I will be the woman with the terror children while somebody and their angelic child sit there happily enjoying a meal out. But I’m pretty sure I won’t try and justify my kids behavior the way that woman did. As one of my friends once posted on her Facebook picture of a onesie for sale in Park Slope that said ‘Have your nanny call my nanny’ -I love you Brooklyn but sometimes you make me throw up in my mouth a little.

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