Can’t We Just Hibernate for the Rest of Winter?

I was trying to comfort myself today by looking up the exact date of the Spring Equinox, but that didn’t help as it’s not until March 20 – and in this day and age that Equinox doesn’t necessarily mean warmer weather. I know when I say that I am so over winter that those in the Northeast can agree with me.

Things that are especially annoying me right about now? First and foremost: cabin fever. Surviving last years bad weather (which wasn’t nearly as bad as this year) didn’t seem as diabolical as this year. Ivy was still a little bub that was easily entertained, not the rambunctious toddler with the high pitched scream that she is today. Try as I may to keep her entertained, sometimes nothing will do. And the weather’s been so incredibly horrendous recently that other indoor places that might entertain her, like the Aquarium or, you know, Target, are inaccessible. Between the snow/ freezing rain and sub-zero temperatures I have had little motivation to pack up Ivy and leave the house. Our playgroup, which used to meet in the park is all but defunct (though I am thinking of hosting a playdate at our apartment just to give us something to do). The park, even if I did want to brave the arctic conditions is pretty much frozen over, with only a few of the pathways clear enough for us to make our way through.

Another thing making me want to move to a tropical climate: the old frozen dirty snow and garbage piles. Those who have ever lived in or visited NYC (ok, Brooklyn – Manhattan is pretty cleaned up) know what I’m talking about. Piles of snow that are blackened on the edges by lord knows what, with the edges surrounded by trash like plastic bags, black banana peels and god knows what else. In this category would also be the soggy dog crap- because for some reason people think just because alternate side of the parking rules are suspended due to snow so is the curbing your dog law.

I think I must just be suffering from that disorder that happens when you don;t get enough natural light or something because I have been seriously cranky. Today despite the fact that it was like 25 degrees out, we bundled up and went for a walk – we were only out for 20 minutes but the fresh air did us good, no matter how arctic it was. And on the way home, I saw a sight for sore eyes that made me think I can probably make it though until Spring:

Look closely. Do you see them under those dead leaves? That little bit of green? It’s some sort of bulbs bursting out of the ground. In my mind they are saying “Screw you Winter we are ready to pop out! Spring is on it’s way!!”

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4 Responses to Can’t We Just Hibernate for the Rest of Winter?

  1. I hope spring comes soon. I feel like I am taunting people with my SoCal “winter” pictures.

  2. TMae says:

    I’m sick of winter, too. Last year’s was EPIC, but you’re right – with a little bebeh, it wasn’t such a big deal. This year? I know we haven’t had as much snow as you guys, but just this morning I woke up to another 2 inches. Which just means everything will be MUD in a day or two. I can’t take all the mud.

    We’re supposed to get up to 60˚ this weekend though, so maybe you’ll get a little thaw, too?

  3. Suzanne says:

    Those are daffodils. I’m ready to dig a hole in my yard on the off chance we’ve got some coming up too, but I probably couldn’t get through the two feet of ICE AND SNOW to find the ground. I too am tired of winter.

  4. Brigid Keely says:

    My dad has SO-SAD, which is aptly named, and it’s really rough.

    I’m in the midwest, and the days are NOTICEABLY getting longer, the sun coming up and going down earlier, although it’s colder than it was a few weeks ago. And much, much snowier.

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