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Mobility Part 6: Frustration Sets In

Since my last post very little has happened on the walking/standing/early intervention front. We had the second evaluation – the one where they evaluate her speaking & social skills. That one felt more grilling than the last; it was like … Continue reading

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Wordless: The Coolest Kid in the Park

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Epic Playgroup Meltdown

Last week, I decided to take Ivy to this playgroup that someone from my parents email list has been organizing at the Recreation Center in Sunset Park. I thought Ivy might enjoy some time chilling with the other kids, and … Continue reading

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Wordless: At Least it Stopped Her From Screaming

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This Will Probably Come Back to Haunt Me x 1000

Jon and I decided since only soppy fools go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day that we’d opt for the less popular Valentines Breakfast out. Ok, actually, it had nothing to do with Valentine’s we just wanted to go out … Continue reading

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A Much Needed Day Out

Yesterday, after having a mini-breakdown in the morning (that’s a whole other post) I decided that, despite the fact the temperature wasn’t even going to pass the freezing point we were going out. I needed it, Ivy needed it, so … Continue reading

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Can’t We Just Hibernate for the Rest of Winter?

I was trying to comfort myself today by looking up the exact date of the Spring Equinox, but that didn’t help as it’s not until March 20 – and in this day and age that Equinox doesn’t necessarily mean warmer … Continue reading

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