Epic Playgroup Meltdown

Last week, I decided to take Ivy to this playgroup that someone from my parents email list has been organizing at the Recreation Center in Sunset Park. I thought Ivy might enjoy some time chilling with the other kids, and some of the kids we know from our playgroup this summer occasionally go, so I thought it would be nice to run into their parents. So I got ready to go, despite the fact that it kind of was scheduled during her nap time. But her naps have been so unpredictable lately and for several days before she hadn’t been napping until about 2 anyway. So we headed over as she seemed not at all tired and pleasant enough.

But that all changed, as in order to get to the room where the playgroup was help, we had to march through the basketball gym which, at the moment contained about 40 + screaming kids aged 8-10 years old. So by the time we navigated our way through that mess, ivy was already crying. She calmed down a bit when we got into the room, but started freaking out when I went to take her out of the stroller. She kept pointing to the door saying “Mom – Bye Bye?” When I asked her if she wanted to play with the other kids she yelled “NOOOOOOOO BYE BYE” and then went into a total screaming, panting, tantrum. Sadly, I didn’t know anyone there and most of the little ones were babies. Like, I think the oldest was 9 months – the rest were doing tummy time. One of the moms took pity on me and came over and tried to help calm Ivy down. Sadly, this didn’t help at all. The rest of the moms and nannies there were kind of giving me the stink eye, and by this time the rowdy older kids were out of the basketball courts so I decided to take Ivy out there and see if I could calm her down. She did calm, but when I took her back into the playgroup room she started up again. Except for the nice mom-who I think was the person who organized the playgroup- and another mom with a super little baby I was totally getting looks from the others. It was at this point I decided playgroup was a bust and lets just get out of here. I thanked the nice mom, who apparently wasn’t at all phased by the yelling because she said she hoped to see me again soon and that they were trying to get a later afternoon time of day for a 2nd playgroup. It was at this point that I felt like turning around to the rest of the group and yelling “JUST YOU WAIT YOUR KIDS ARE ALL CUTE LITTLE BABIES NOW BUT SOMEDAY THEY WILL BE TODDLERS AND YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF DEALING WITH THE SCREAMING“.

Ivy was totally crabby for the rest of the day and I’m going to go ahead and blame the day before the full moon because everyone else I know who has a toddler also experienced a very meltdown filled day. It could also be teething as Ivy is cutting her top two canines right now, and although the bottom two came through without much fanfare she has been really rubbing her top gums and chewing on things, so there’s that.

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3 Responses to Epic Playgroup Meltdown

  1. If I knew about toddlers and the screaming when Spencer was a newborn, I would have tried to stuff him back in my uterus.

  2. TMae says:

    The screaming and the frantic arm waving while screeching. What’s that all about? I know you can’t tell me what you want, but when I hand you every.single.thing that I can get my hands on that is anywhere NEAR where your arms are directed I start to think you’re just loony.

    • babyinbrooklyn says:

      Oh yes. THIS. Ivy has just learned the word “there” – which she will say as she’s crying screaming and pointing in the general direction of like 10,000 things she might be asking for.

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