Really Stupid Commercials

Last week I got to participate in a focus groups for Downy fabric softener. Aside from the $90 pay for an hour incentive, it was kind of fun. We got to fondle t-shirts – one designer and one a $2.00 shirt washed with Downy – look at a storyboard for a TV commercial and print ad’s for this new improved version of Downy. Needles to say my opinion differed from the other women in the group so I hope the people who were watching us via webcam took my thoughts into consideration.

Last night I was sitting around watching TV and trying to think of something to write about when this stupid commerical came on, and I figured I’d write about dumb commercials that annoy me.

The commercial in question was for Chase bank. There’s a woman doing yoga and get an alert on her cellphone that her balance is low, and with a few simple clicks on her smart phone, she’s transferred funds. All well, you know, doing perfect yoga poses. Now my annoyance with this comes straight from the fact that if you were in a yoga class (which she is) with a cell phone out, I doubt the instructor would let that fly. Also, who is really that obsessed with their freaking bank balance that they can’t let it wait 1/2 an hour until their yoga class if finished?

The top most annoying commercial in the world has got to be those stupid Yoplait commercials. All of them. People! Yogurt is not cake or pie! I especially hate the ones with the husband and wife. Where they go on and on about what kinds of “dessert” is in the fridge only to reveal. OMG! It’s yogurt!! But, the all time most annoying Yoplait commercial is the one where the lady goes to her cleaners to get her pants taken in, then goes on and on about eating crap like Boston Cream pie and the cleaners all “So you want these taken out?” And there’s like a minute of “No, in” “You mean out?” “No, I was out and now I’m in” and by this time, I have changed the channel lest I smash the TV. To add insult to injury, Yoplait yogurt tastes like shit. Seriously. Give me Stoneyfield or Fage anyday over that crap. Hell, I’d take Danon over Yoplait at this point.

These two are my top two most hated commercials, but honorable mentions will be given to: The Honda Mr. Opportunity commercials; the slogan “Choosey Mom’s chose Jiff” whcih seems to have been recently “upgraded” to have a little arrow after mom’s that says ‘and Dad’s’ because OMG stop the press men eat peanut butter too and they might even make a sandwich for their kids – what has the world come too ?!?!; and those schmaltzy Kay jewelers commercials that come out around Christmas, valentines and Mother’s day. And, I’ve just gotta say the stupid Geico Gecko is starting to wear thin as well.

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3 Responses to Really Stupid Commercials

  1. Agreed. Although I do kind of love the Mayhem insurance guy. Especially the teen driver one.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I second the Mayhem insurance guy being OK.

    I have recently become OBSESSED with commercials, like, I watch tv intently just to see the commercials. There’s this one for some hospital that’s basically a commercial for cancer (well, anti-cancer) that is like, 20 different 5 second shots of people doing fun and exciting things all over the place in all different seasons. How many people did they hire for this commercial? How many different shots did they set up and light and edit just to get 5 seconds? How much did it COST?! Couldn’t they have used that money to, I don’t know, CURE CANCER?

    I will refrain from commenting further because I might as well just write my own blog post about it. While eating some non-cake-like-yogurt. Seriously, yogurt is NOT dessert. Those are almost as bad as pretending gum is a snack.

  3. Mama Kat says:

    Hey! I can’t find an email address for you, but you won the $50 Target Gift Card on SITS today! Way to go mama!! Can you email me your name and mailing address?


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