Oh Hai.

In case you couldn’t gather from the witty name of my blog, I live in Brooklyn. I’ve lived here since 1997 and consider myself a New Yorker, despite having grown up in New Jersey – some born and bred New Yorkers will dispute this but I was BORN here I just spent my formative years in another state. My husband and I welcomed our first child in June 2009 and live in a 2 bedroom apartment with our bub and 2 former Brooklyn alley cats, Stella and Frank.

I started this blog when I was pregnant in 2009. I thought at first it would be a good way to keep my friends and family informed without having to send out a mass email every time OMG a kick! or a sonogram or what have you.

It turned out to be so much more than that though. A place to vent, to share, to overshare and just to sound off on all things related to raising a baby in Brooklyn, NYC, the greatest city in the world.

Welcome to my little corner of the world wide interwebz. Please make yourself comfortable.


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