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Mobility: Starting Physical Therapy

After months of paperwork and meeting and faxed prescriptions from Ivy’s pediatrician, we are finally starting her physical therapy on Monday. On Wednesday the therapist came over to meet Ivy, and to get a basic sense of my concerns and … Continue reading

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Favorite Lullaby

Ivy goes to sleep most nights listening to either Bob Marley or some sort of mellow reggae mix. For a while when she slept at my mom’s house she would go to sleep listening to the Direct TV radio station … Continue reading

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When Your Words Come Back to Haunt You

I spent a lot of the time during Ivy’s early eating adventures bragging about what a good eater she was. She’s not picky at all! She’ll eat anything. Green beans? Peas? Bring it on! My little girl loves her veggies!! … Continue reading

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Wordless: We Stand With Planned Parenthood

From Saturday’s Rally for Womens Health in Manhattan:

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