This Will Probably Come Back to Haunt Me x 1000

Jon and I decided since only soppy fools go out to dinner on Valentine’s Day that we’d opt for the less popular Valentines Breakfast out. Ok, actually, it had nothing to do with Valentine’s we just wanted to go out since it was so nice out. Jon suggested we go to Chipshop which I was totally down for because who doesn’t love a good English breakfast? But as it turns out, they only serve it on weekends. Since I’m not a huge fan of their fish & chips and plus I wanted breakfast, we decided to go elsewhere.

It was getting late, and any place that was serving breakfast was turning over to lunch anyway so we settled on a regular old coffee shop. Ivy was happy to get in the high chair (she’s not always) and we quickly ordered as I was dead set on french toast. Not long after we sat down another couple came in with their two kids, a toddler about Ivy’s age and a girl who was probably around 4. As soon as they sat down, the little girl was tearing apart the little vase of flowers that were on their table, and the toddler was standing on his chair ripping the heart decorations off the wall. We got our food and started to chow down, while the noise at the table behind us escalated and suddenly the manager was there, taking the flower arrangement off the table, as the toddler had now snapped the plastic heart off it’s stem and the little girl was pulling all the petals off the flowers. He walked away with it, and the little girl started to scream. The manager went back to the table and said “I’m sorry but they broke the heart and were messing up the flowers” and the mom said to the manager ” Well, she’s crying now because she says you ruined everything – we live next door and come here every day and have never had a problem before”.

At this point I almost choked on my french toast and couldn’t resist the urge to tweet ‘I know it’s naughty but we r having one of those “our kid is such an angel compared to your little hellian” moments. The mom’s reaction made me not feel so bad about being proud of my little lady who was happily eating her eggs and occasionally pointing up to the decorations to say “ART” (she has not yet mastered the H). I mean really lady? “A problem” The poor guy was just trying to preserve the flower arrangement for the rest of the day. Just because you’re shelling out some money for a burger and some pancakes does not give your children free reign to do whatever it is they please. Because you patronize a place all the time that gives your kids the right to rip shit apart and tear decorations off the wall? Seriously?

Like I said, bitching about this woman and her unruly kids will probably come back to haunt me and someday I will be the woman with the terror children while somebody and their angelic child sit there happily enjoying a meal out. But I’m pretty sure I won’t try and justify my kids behavior the way that woman did. As one of my friends once posted on her Facebook picture of a onesie for sale in Park Slope that said ‘Have your nanny call my nanny’ -I love you Brooklyn but sometimes you make me throw up in my mouth a little.

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2 Responses to This Will Probably Come Back to Haunt Me x 1000

  1. Suzanne says:

    Oh man, what a RIDICULOUS woman. And even if your kid is acting out some day I’m sure your reaction will be one of embarrassed horror rather than self-righteous anger. I’m surprised she didn’t say “Do you know WHO I AM???”

    Also, can Ivy give Evan “sitting nicely in the highchair” lessons? We have NO success in that area. I don’t think we’ll be eating out as a family again for at least three years.

  2. emily bilbrey says:

    that shit is completely ridiculous. seriously can’t stand that kind of entitled attitude. and by the way? women (parents) like that aren’t doing their kids ANY favors by allowing them to act like terrors! those are the kids who will talk back to teachers in school and scream in their parent’s faces as teenagers because they have been able to tantrum their way out of thinking discipline applies to them. ugh. also? you have every right to feel proud of your girl’s nice behavior. because raising nice kids is hard freaking work, and she is a reflection of your good efforts!


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