Saying Bye Bye to the Binkie

Ivy was able to give up the bottle without much fanfare. For a while now she’d only been having a bottle of milk before bed, everything else was out of a sippy cup. Then one day, I just gave her her night time milk out a sippy and that was that. She never cried for her bottle, and I’m not sure she even noticed that I pulled the old switcheroo.

I’m afraid, however that giving up the binkie is not going to go quiet as smoothly. We call it her dummy (that’s what the English call it I guess) and Ivy has taken to referring to it as her “num num”. She’s not super attached to it, only when she’s trying to nap or sleep. Some days she will bring it with her when she gets up, but unless she spots it or finds one in her diaper bag, she’s not bothered about not having it.

For the most part, she soothes herself to sleep when I put her in the crib, no doubt with the help of her pacifier, but sometimes she wakes up in the night and if the bink is somewhere where she can’t reach it (like you know when she tosses it out of the crib) forget it there is no soothing her back to sleep. Now, it’s not like she never soothes herself back to sleep but most of the time I end up getting up and going into her room to find the bink for her because once she’s got it, she falls back asleep instantly. It’s like the time it takes for me to go do that outweighs the amount of time she would cry for so I just think fuck it, let me assist her. I guess in order to really get her ‘off the bink’ I should start letting her just put herself back to sleep without it.

I’m not sure what the “normal age” is that you’re supposed to give it up. I once read somewhere that it was 6 months and I was like, yeah, ok whatever. I think I was around 2 when I gave it up. And by gave it up, I mean we were at my older sisters dance recital, and I was throwing a tantrum so my mom gave me a pacifier, which I took out of my mouth and threw down the aisle. So she had a second one, which she gave to me, warning me before that “This is the last one I have and if you throw this one your binkie is gone forever” and I looked at her and threw my bink down the aisle. And that was the end of my relationship with the bink.

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2 Responses to Saying Bye Bye to the Binkie

  1. TMae says:

    I think about something similar with O. He gets a few bottles a week; sometimes at night before bed, and at daycare before nap. Friday he broke the last bottle he had (we use glass ones). So today I was out getting another bottle and thinking, “Well, maybe this should just be the end of the bottles – it might suck a for a little while, but he has to give them up eventually…” But then I think, “Well, really, in the grand scheme of things to stress out about as a parent, should this even be on my radar? If it gets him to sleep, so what if he’s still using one?” I dunno. I guess eventually…?

  2. mommyandlu says:

    I´m also a bit intimidated by the idea, but like my wise mother in law says “She won´t get married with a pacifier right?” My niece gave hers to Barney at one of those live shows and my sister swears it was not such a big deal

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