Into the Vortex…..Errrrr…Litterbox

Last night, Ivy’s sole form of entertainment came from throwing things. Earlier in the day I had set up her Thomas the Tank Engine tracks for her and she happily played with her trains. Until she got bored then she started dismantling it. I was in the kitchen and had just thrown a load of laundry in, and was doing dishes. Ivy came scooting in holding about 5 of her various Thomas trains in a bundle in her arms, and proceeded to throw them all into the laundry basket, then push the laundry basket around. Whatever, she was entertaining herself and not being destructive, I consider this a win. But soon this got old, she got bored. So we bust out the tea set which is always a winner. And she played contentedly for about 10 minutes, and then this too got old. So she started throwing the various pieces of the tea set across the living room. Usually, I would try and stop the throwing of things that aren’t a ball, but I was trying to work on my resume and thought that, as long as she was entertained I could let the throwing go on. She got bored of throwing her tiny tea cups around and moved back to the Thomas trains and dismantled tracks. I was making some progress on the resume so I decided to ignore this as well. She found the snack trap and started throwing her cinnamon grahams around. I was still meh about this all.

Only when she began to move down the hallway, switching from throwing stuff on the soft carpet which made little to no noise to throwing hard things on the hardwood floor did I think I should do something about this situation. So I gave her her soft blocks to throw around. And she happily tossed them down the hall, scooted to where they were and tossed them further down the hall. The last time I looked, she was sitting by the front door surrounded by all ten blocks.

I guess she got tired of this game because eventually she came back to join me in the living room and forgot about throwing things. We read some books and I gave her a bath. As she started to wind down I started cleaning up the toys. I realized that I could only find about 4 of the blocks. I looked under the crib and chair in her room (at the end of the hall) and under the tub in the bathroom (it’s a claw foot tub) then under the dining table, the couch and our bed, but couldn’t find the rest. Weird. But it was bedtime so we read a few more books and she went to sleep.

When my husband got home I reported the missing blocks to him. ‘I looked everywhere and couldn’t find them! I think they got sucked into a vortex!!’ I just got done reading this silly horror novel about this weird house which of course has vortexes to the ‘other side’ and ghosts and weird shit, so my imagination is working a little overtime, you know, picturing Ivy’s blocks popping out into some nether region. He just looked at me and said he was sure they’d turn up.

But I was still convinced they got sucked into a vortex. Until I was getting ready for work this morning and dropped something right in front of the bathroom door, which is also in front of the closet where our cat’s litter box is. And I happened to noticed, through the little flap that leads into the litter box closet, a splash of color. Yes, it was one of her blocks. So I located all of the missing blocks plus a few Thomas trains inside the littler box closet. I guess I should just be thankful they didn’t make their way into the litter box.

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