Taking Care of Parents

I guess my New Years resolution of trying to blog on a regular basis has already been broken. But, in my defense I have had some insane stuff going on in my personal life. My mom had back surgery a week ago, and while it was successful, and she ended up having the more minimally invasive of the surgeries, the recuperation is a bitch and she has to be either laying down flat or standing up. Oy. This is for the next week at least, depending on what her Dr. says.

So we went down the night before the surgery, and stayed until she came home from the hospital a few days later and have since been pretty much back and forth. I spent the few days helping out around the house, getting groceries and all that sort of stuff my mom usually handles. My sister has been there too, which I am grateful for because besides my mom who obviously can’t care for her – my sister is one of the few people besides my husband and I that Ivy is 100% comfortable with- so this left me free to run errands and get stuff done around the house while someone looked after Ivy. It was kind of frustrating after spending 3 days doing all the things I should have been doing at home, only to come back to my own home, and realize when I went to pour Ivy her sippy of milk before bed that my own milk had gone bad. Luckily I live in Brooklyn and fresh milk is just a minute away.

Last weekend some of the extended family came to visit which was great for my mom who after not even a week was bored out of her mind. Ivy and I picked up my aunt from the airport and pretty much spent the weekend hanging with family and helping out (with extra hands which was awesome). We all watched the Steelers/ Ravens playoff game on Saturday (my mom’s family is from Pittsburgh and we are hardcore Steelers fans). Which, even though I’m not a football fan was fun. Ivy also seemed to enjoy it, alternating between showing off for her ‘audience’, watching Spongebob on my mom’s laptop and stuffing her face with the southwest dip my aunt made. Seriously – the most hilarious thing was watching her shovel as much dip as possible using a Tostitos scoop chip.

All in all, I guess it hasn’t been that taxing on us, and the family visit was definitely a bonus so I guess I’m just feeling a bit whiny because the laundry pile is bordering on epic, and I haven’t done a proper grocery shop in like weeks.

In Ivy related news, she seems to be beginning to understand ‘concepts’ like when we turn the light off she’ll yell “OFF” and she also started saying ‘OK’ which comes out a bit like Buckwheat would say it. She also got her first proper ‘egg’ on her head when she fell face first on my moms wood floor while trying to stand in her weird downward dog way. I’m happy she’s making more of an effort to get on her feet (though we are waiting for a call back to schedule her appointment with the early intervention place) and hope this doesn’t put her off trying to stand.

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2 Responses to Taking Care of Parents

  1. TMae says:

    I didn’t realize (not that I would really have cause to realize this) that your mom’s surgery was NOW. I’m glad to hear it went well.

  2. Yo Sis says:

    I hear ya on the not getting shit done on your own house. I ahve been diligently trying to get a few small things done each noight when I get home from work, but it’s HARD to motivate.

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