My Favorite Milestone So Far

I have been getting the bigggest kick out of Ivy and her words lately. Her vocabulary is really exploding, beuond things like ball and cat and mamama and dadada. She calls us mom and dad perfectly clear, can even say my sisters name -Jill- which comes out like Shill, and although we refer to my mom as Gammy, she now calls her Dibby which is kind of out of left field. She can say our one cat’s name – Stella which she says Sella and she has some weird word for our cat Frank which I’m not even sure I can type to sound like it does but it’s something like Saash.

In the past few weeks she has become Miss Manners. While she doesn’t say anything close to please yet, she will say thank you, which comes out sounding like da doo. If she hands you something and you take it she looks at you and says ‘Da doo’. Or the other say she was asking for ‘Jups’ (juice) and she held out her empty sippy cup and I said “I’ll get you more juice Ivy” and when I walked into the kitchen she said “Da doo, mom” It is so sweet the way she says this, and I am really proud that she is starting to figure out language, not just in the concept of vocabulary but like, actual human interactions. I can’t wait until she figures it all out! It’s so fun to watch this stage of development.

On the other hand, I had to come back to this post when I realized that Ivy is also entering the stage where the answer to every question you ask her is ‘No’ even when it’s not. Do you love mom? No. Do you want lunch? No. Is the answer to every question no? No. Is no your favorite word? No. And this is progressed from her saying No-no no-no to just a straight up No. So I guess everything has to be balanced huh?

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4 Responses to My Favorite Milestone So Far

  1. Suzanne says:

    For some reason I never learned “no” and would instead say “yes” to everything. Do you want a punch in the nose? Yes. Do you want some motor oil? (for some reason my dad thought that one was HILARIOUS) Yes. Do you want to go home? Yes. Do you want to stay here? Yes.

    I told my father many years later it was probably a good thing I learned NO before I started dating.

  2. Jinny Khanduja says:

    Great post, Holly! It reminds me of this video:

  3. We are working so hard on please and thank you. And failing miserably. It is so cute you have such a polite little lady.

  4. TMae says:

    I’ve been so regularly amazed lately at how much growing kidlet is doing here in our house. He’s putting SO MUCH together, without us even really trying. It’s really fun to watch. (Cue nerdy parenting sigh.) He’s not really that verbal yet – he only has about 4 words that he says (none of which are mama – c’mon kid – throw me a bone) but my absolute favorite? Instead of just “no” he says, “no way.” And it makes me laugh every.single.time.

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