18 Month Checkup

Today was Ivy’s 18 month check up. It was actually supposed to be last Wednesday but our car was still snowed in so we rescheduled. I picked up Ivy from Jon after work, and realized that I still had almost 2 hours to kill, so I went grocery shopping first. I still gave myself a ton of time to get there, because parking in Downtown Brooklyn / Brooklyn heights, especially close to the Dr’s office is ridiculous. I remember once when she was an infant I spent 45 minutes driving around looking for a spot, while she screamed her little lungs out the whole time. That was fun.

So naturally since I had given myself time, I found a spot almost right away like 1/2 a block away from the office. Luckily they said the Dr. could see Ivy early. We waited only 5 or so minutes before they called us. Ivy was totally cool until it was time to get weighed. Then it started the yelling. The screaming. The kicking. I felt for the nurse who was so sweet to her despite the fact that Ivy was almost popping our eardrums with her screams. She’s 26 lbs 4 oz and 34 inches long. 34 Inches! Homegirl is tall! I was so happy when the Dr. told me since her lead level went down significantly we didn’t have to take blood for a lead test because Ivy’s screams had already reached a fever pitch and she didn’t even have any shots yet.

Seriously she gets so pissed when the Dr. trys to check her ears. Like seriously pissed. Since she still isn’t walking or standing, he gave me some names and numbers for Therapists who will come over to do an evaluation, and then recommend us to a physical therapy program. He still didn’t seem worried about her developmentally, and especially not after I told him about all the words she has and how she recognizes letters and numbers. He checked her leg for her range of motion and said most likely it had more to do with stubbornness than any developmental problems. We talked about some other fun stuff like her diet and poop, she got 3 shots and we were done. I was relieved that we didn’t have to do the drama of getting blood drawn – especially since I was on my own. I also decided that next time we should make an appointment for a time that Jon can join us because with Ivy screaming her head off it’s really hard to try and talk with the Dr. and focus on the questions/concerns I have. I’m calling the therapist tomorrow and will be curious to see how long after we start the therapy it will be until Ivy starts to walk.

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