And Here I was Feeling All Festive

A while back we decided to ask my mom if she was okay with doing the overnight babysitting thing for Ivy on New Years Eve, and she was. So it was planned. Ivy would have her first ever sleepover at Gammy’s with out mom & dad, and mom and dad (but especially mom) would get to have an ‘adult’ night out complete with copious amounts of alcohol and not having to worry about waking up early with the little one.

Since NYE in NY is kind of annoying (and I’m old and hate going out these days), we decided to keep it low key and have some friends over for food and the aforementioned alcohol. Our grocery store even cooperated with us by having Filet on sale for some stupid price like $4.99/lb. The snowstorm kind of threw us off, and I could have really punched Jon for not listening to me when I said we should dig out the car Thursday and go get all the shopping we need. After all I did have to drive to Jersey and back to drop Ivy off at Gammy’s on NYE but he was all ‘We’ll get up early and do it”. And we did, get up early, but we didn’t get out of the house early enough and Seems all of Brooklyn had the same idea we would. I have never seen a liquor store so crowded at 10:30 am. And the grocery store?!? Fuggedaboudit! That shit was mayhem! It took us almost 1/2 an hour just to find a freaking parking spot and we ended up in the second far away parking lot. But, with a little tag teaming of the aisles and a LOT of patience, we got it all done. Then I had like 5 seconds at home to change Ivy and throw some goldfish in a snack cup before I had to head out again, on my way to Gammy’s so I could get back in time to do all the prep for the party because – cough cough- Jon was working that day until 7:30. So after some light traffic, I got to my moms shoved a veggie burger down my throat as I hadn’t actually eaten all day and sat down for like 5 minutes before I had to jump in the car and head back to Brooklyn.

Ivy was pretty hilarious. I didn’t want to make a big deal out of leaving, so I just made sure to get plenty of cuddles. My mom and Ivy were sitting in the living room watching Spongebob and I was all ok, I’m gonna go now, have a good night, everything you might need is in her bag, blah, blah, blah. I get up to walk out all nonchalantly and Ivy looks up at me and yells “BYE BYE”. She was so into hanging out with Gammy she didn’t even care I was leaving. So, this is cool I thought and I jumped in the car to head to Brooklyn.

I had been feeling kind of cranky and not festive leading up to NYE, and the whole drive back I was so ugh about everything. I still had a shit ton of stuff to do and was resenting the fact the Jon was at work, but as I got closer I started to get more excited, and, after a stop at the 99 cent store for some festive “Happy New Year” tiaras and a confetti cannon (which I would learn is a really bad idea in the house. I will be cleaning up confetti until 2012) I was psyched, despite the fact that I still needed to cook and chill the shrimp, make cocktail sauce, chill the beer, clean the salad, make the spinach and cheese pie, tidy the apartment AND get myself showered and party ready.

But I did it all. And while I was showering, I got a call on my cell phone, which I had brought in the bathroom with me because we were expecting some friends early, before Jon and the rest of the crew got off work and made it back from the city. But it wasn’t those friends that called it was my dad. Calling to tell me that my mom really hurt her already hurt back (which she’s having surgery on next week) picking up Ivy. He let me talk to her and she informed me that they had called an ambulance because she was in so much pain. She asked me if I had been drinking. Amazingly, the answer was no (it was only 8:30 at this point). So then I asked it. The question I didn’t want the answer to. “Do you want me to come back?” She said maybe she wasn’t sure and I said “Hey, shampoo is dripping into my eye and let me call you back in 5 minutes after I rinse off” So after hanging up and screaming a loud “FUUUUUUUUCK” to no one in particular, I called back. Rationally, I knew it was almost Ivy’s bed time. I also knew she had only napped for 1/2 an hour that day. So I asked if there was any way my dad could manage putting Ivy in her PJ’s, giving her a bottle of milk and trying to get her to sleep. So they said he would give it a go. Now, I wasn’t sure how successful they’d be as Ivy isn’t super comfortable with my dad for some reason but hey, it’s not like he’s some stranger.

Hilarity ensued in the meantime when I tried calling Jon, couldn’t get through and upon texting him discovered that my phone since it got waterlogged while I was talking to my mom in the shower, was now typing jk for the letter J, and various other letters, plus when you tried to delete something it typed jk. So it took me like 20 minutes to text him and a few friends I knew were with him. And it had to be some weird form with numbers instead of letters since the a key was inflicted with this jk thing. So the text read something like ‘Plz c4ll me now my mom is in jkjk hospitjkjkjkl’ he called soon after he got off the train, in our hood, and agreed that, let’s wait and see if Ivy goes to bed before you jump in the car and head back (it is like a 45 minute drive).

So I decided to put on my party outfit and makeup and send calming sleep vibes to my baby girl. there was a funny moment when our friend was like “So what are you gonna do – you;re not going to bring Ivy back here are you” and I explained that no, if they needed me I would drive back to NJ and spend NYE either on my parents couch or in the hospital with my mom.

Luckily, we got a call shortly after, that my mom was on her way to the hospital, and her awesome neighbor (who has a little one close to Ivy’s age) saw the ambulance and came over to see if there was anything he could do. So after my dad got Ivy to settle, he chilled with him in case she woke up, and eventually went to pickup my mom when she was discharged from the hospital. My poor mom though! She had to watch the ball drop from the waiting room in the ER. I guess, lucky for her though, it was before things got “busy” in the ER and she was in and out (with pain killers) in no time. She didn’t hurt anything new, just exasperated the existing condition. I got to enjoy a great NYE with friends and we drove down to “rescue” Grandpa the next morning. My mom said Ivy was completely silent when my dad was the one to go in when she woke up, and seemed confused when he brought her downstairs. But by the time we got there, although she was covered with oatmeal and juice and had the wettest diaper known to baby, she totally didn’t even turn around when we came in she was so busy playing with Gammy and making her feel better.

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