Christmas and That Giant Snowstorm

Christmas this year was really awesome. We headed down to my moms on Christmas Eve, after stopping in Chinatown to hit the fish market for our Christmas Eve feast which includes tons of seafood. In the past, we used to open some gifts after midnight Christmas eve, but I guess since Ivy is around now, we saved everything for Christmas Morning. My mom and sister made me promise I would wake them before I took Ivy downstairs to see her gifts that Santa left. I warned them it would be early (there is usually copious amounts of Bailey’s involved in our Christmas eve celebration) and Ivy kind of slept in – 8:30 – I guess because she’s not yet at the OMG Christmas I need to get up at 5 am stage. I can’t wait for that. So we all got up and Ivy found her Tricycle that Santa left;
She was ultimately excited about it, it’s just that she hasn’t yet had her tea, and this is pretty much right after she woke up and I changed her diaper. We all had some breakfast and then opened the family gifts. My parents and sister totally spoiled Ivy, and courtesy of them we now have a Thomas and friends Early Engineers set that we can set up and turn our entire living room into the Island of Sodor. She got gifts in the mail from her Grandma and Granddad in England (super cute outfits from my favorite kids store there, Pumpkin Patch) and from my extended family. She wasn’t super into ripping the paper off stuff so i ended up opening most of the pressies for her, but she was happy once she got to what was inside – she’d shout out “Yay!” or “Wow!” when she saw the stuff. Some highlights for the rest of us included a Pandora charm bracelet that we got my mom (she’d been asking for one for a while) and then we all got various charms for her, each of which made her cry just a little more than the last. I got a super nice, practical handbag which has room for both my stuff and Ivy’s stuff so I don;t have to carry around the diaper bag when we’re just running out. I also got a book called the Joy of Pickling which I’m super excited about as I am a big fan of pickles and have recently inherited like 9,000 ball jars. everyone can expect pickles, relishes and chutneys as gifts next year. Jon and I said we weren’t going to get each other gifts since Ivy’s tricycle was pretty damn expensive, but we both violated that rule and got a few small things for each other. (I got a decent warm pair of Columbia snow boots, and a grey goose vodka gift set with a shaker that i had been eyeing in our local liquor store, he got an aftershave set and a flannel shirt).

We dressed Ivy in the cutest Christmas dress ever
(Pretending she has a mouth full of tea while playing with her new tea set from Gammy & Grandpa)
That bow in the back is out of control cute.

My aunt who live locally came over for dinner and we feasted on a roast goose with stuffing, roast potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, and some other stuff I’m forgetting. We had some Brandy Alexanders for dessert, along with a Christmas Pudding and some cookies. Ivy, who barely napped all day went to bed so easily, worn out from all the excitement. We just lounged, played with our new toys and watched National Lampoons Christmas vacation on TV.

We had originally intended to spend Boxing day around my moms, we bought a yummy ham from the Polish grocery by us for the occasion, but the impending storm forced us to leave early, and I’m so glad we did. With the way our roads ended up – not even plowed now 2 days after the snow stopped- it would have been a nightmare trying to come back. So we brought some ham, made it back before the crazy blizzard conditions set in, and spent boxing day lounging around our house watching movies.

Glad that we did come back because day-um that was some snow. Not the worst I’ve seen but for some reason this storm crippled the city. I went out Sunday afternoon to stock up on some groceries, and yesterday we popped out to just get a few things. That’s why I love Brooklyn because even if the roads are fucked (and they are) you can still walk to get whatever you need. I did notice today that our local grocery store was almost out of whole milk, but hopefully the city sorts it out soon and plows Brooklyn so the delivery trucks can bring more. We tried to take Ivy out yesterday to sled, but the wind was still crazy and she was not feeling it. Today it was a bit calmer and we went out to the park, pulling her around in her sled. Jon and I even had a few go’s on it, and then we all came home, Ivy had hot Chocolate, and Jon and I had Jameson to warm us up. I’m so glad I’m off work this week because our street is still not plowed and the sidewalks are gross. I have no real plans, and I can’t wait!

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2 Responses to Christmas and That Giant Snowstorm

  1. TMae says:

    O got a trike too! He loved my nephew’s when we were visiting them this summer – he hopped up and scooted himself all over the place on it. His own? He sits in the seat and yells at us to push him. But not until he’s buckled himself in with the seatbelt. SAFETY FIRST, mom! (I hope you guys had an easier time putting Ivy’s together than we did. Well, than my husband did. I was in bed trying not to throw up, listening to him curse, and yell about the Germans.)

    I had to laugh in an ironic way about your blizzard. Since I just posted that blog about ours, and you were my only commenter…I hope I didn’t jinx you.

    Glad you’re home and able to chill while the city digs out.

    • babyinbrooklyn says:

      Ahaha! Jon and my dad spent like 2 hours putting that thing together. I stayed out of it since I am not very skilled at assembling things.

      Yeah, the blizzard is crazy. I’ve actually lived here for all 3 of the “bad ones” they’ve been talking about and the snow clearance on this one seems the worst!

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