Mobility Part 4: Physical Therapy Bound

Ivy is going for her 18 month checkup next week and I’m certain the Dr. will be giving us a recommendation for physical therapy to get her walking. Unless she magically stands up in the next week, its happening. When we were at the last appointment and the Dr. mentioned physical therapy if she didn’t walk by 18 months, I was sure she’d be walking or at least standing by then. And a few weeks ago when she’d land flat on her face while trying to propel herself forward, I thought for sure she’d be standing soon. But, here we are, a week out and nothing. I’m sure she’s going to loath physical therapy because she flips out at the mere scent of a Dr’s office but if this is what its going to take to get her walking then we will do it.

As a mom I can’t help but be both relieved and worried at the same time. I’m relieved for a multitude of reasons. Mostly because girlfriend is heavy (26 lbs!) and carrying her is getting tiresome. Not like I carry her everywhere – at home she gets around by scoothching, but its not like I can just let her scootch freely down the sidewalk or in stores. Aaaaand then there’s the stroller.I feel like part of this is karma for making fun of parents in the city who roll their 5 year olds around in strollers. “When I have kids there is no way I am keeping them in a stroller for so long” I used to say and now….. Well… Here I am rolling my almost 2 year old all over the city. And lugging her damn stroller up to my second floor walk up (thank god for that super light umbrella stroller we got for our trip abroad). I also look forward to her walking because all the kids in playgroup are walking and they go do fun stuff like indoor play places – you know the kinds of play places not exactly great for a little one to get around on her butt. I mean shit, even my friends 10 month old is crawling all over and pulling himself up to stand.

Then there’s the worry. In typical mom guilt style I worry that this is all my fault because I didn’t give her enough tummy time or she spent too much time in the bouncy seat, or you know I didn’t talk to her in the right tone of voice while she was learning to get around. Until her lead level went down I was constantly freaking the fuck out about that thinking it was causing her to be developmentally delayed (which the Dr has assured me is not the case but I still bug out about anyway). I worry that she is going to hate the Physical therapy so much (seriously, she really hates Dr’s) that it will delay her walking even more. She’s awfully stubborn. But, I guess these guys are professionals and they might know what they’re doing so I should just calm down.

Now, I know that this isn’t going to be some kind of wonder cure and she’s not going to be walking right away, but I seriously can’t wait until she at least stands up so I can take a deep breath and move on to the next thing I should be freaking out about. Like getting her potty trained. Which I would like to say I am going to start to tackle just as soon as she’s walking.

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1 Response to Mobility Part 4: Physical Therapy Bound

  1. Suzanne says:

    Like I’ve said before, one of my friend’s daughters didn’t walk until she was close to 18 months. Then she just got up and DID, without any toddling or falling over. I hope you get to the PT and Ivy is all “oh, you wanted me to WALK. Why didn’t you say so?” and just gets up and runs away. So I’m still voting that it’s nothing. Girl just likes to be carried.

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