A Fail In Every Way

On Sunday my mom and I had planned to wake up early and take Ivy to the local mall to meet Santa. Only she had other plans. After a great night Saturday of baking and decorating Christmas cookies, Ivy was up and crying a mere 2 hours after I put her to bed. And then 2 hours after that. And then again until it was 7 am and she was up and sporting a slight fever. So we brought her in bed with us (which is no joy since the bed at my moms is a twin sized futon) and she slept for 45 minutes longer. So I got up with her, and after some breakfast went out to get some baby tylenol, or CVS brand infants pain reliever as it were. We gave her some and the fever went down, but she was still mighty crabby. After several hours I decided to call the trip to the mall off. And then the weather cleared (it was an epically shitty morning) and Ivy seemed happy so I made a decision. The wrong one apparently. The mall is close! We’ll just go and if she starts to be pissed about it, we’ll leave.

We got there and since she was being pleasant we thought it was best to meet Santa first. So we went and wow there was only 2 kids in front of us. Ivy was excited. When she saw him she yelled “SANTA SANTA!”. Then it was our turn and as soon as we got up there, she got shy. We spent a few minutes letting her ‘meet’ Santa then did the worst thing – placed her on his lap. And so started the crying screaming get me outta here business. I tried sitting with her but it was too late. She was done. We looked at the picture and almost bought it for the comedic factor. It was your classic terrified toddler trying to get off Santa’s lap. but at $ 20 for two 5 x 7’s we decided to pass.

Then we made the mistake of trying to get some shopping done. Ivy was good for a short period of time until we hit meltdown-ville. And of course this all happened while at the register in Macy’s with the slowest cashier in the world. She slept on the way home but deteriorated quickly as the day went on. She refused to eat or drink anything and was in general just miserable. I of course blamed myself for dragging her out to meet Santa. Though now that I seem to have what she does I know she was just miserable because this sore throat cough sinus headache shit is annoying.

And, because I’m crazy, I plan on taking her to meet the Santa at Kings Plaza mall when she’s feeling better. I think I might buy this picture regardless of how it comes out.

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1 Response to A Fail In Every Way

  1. Suzanne says:

    I totally bought the pictures of Little Evan screaming his head off at the Easter Bunny. Because, come on, that shit is priceless! And maybe she just hated THAT Santa and will do better with the second one. Especially when she feels better.

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