Getting Ready to Try and Walk?

Ivy seems to be on her way to trying to stand up and walk away. BUT! In typical Ivy fashion, she is not going about it the way other babies would. No, instead of grabbing on to things higher that her and trying to pull herself up, I believe she is straight up just trying to get the fuck up. Here’s why. Last night I was doing some stuff in the kitchen, and I had left Ivy in the living room coloring on the floor. 10 minutes later I heard a THUD and crying. I thought it was weird that she fell backwards because she’s strong now she hardly ever falls back anymore. But when I went in, she was face down on her tummy with her legs splayed out behind her. What the hell? So I picked her up, calmed her down, inspected her for bumps or bruises and found none, and put her back on the floor. After I did this she started to kind of lean down on her hands and try to bend her legs, so I’m guessing this is how she fell forward in the first place.

This is so her style to A) do it a weird way and B) protest mightily when we try to get her to walk or stand, but then try it on her own when we are not even in the damn room! Tonight when we were playing she started to “show” me how she wants to try and stand up, on her own. She kinda bends her legs so her feet are flat on the ground then leans forward trying to push herself up on her arms. After she unsuccessfully did this a few times I wheeled over her little wagon with the push bar. She looked at me like I was crazy, said “No, no,no,no,no,no” and pushed it away. I asked her “Ivy are you trying to stand up?” and she just laughed and scooted away.

She has to go to the Dr. at the end of the month for her 18 month checkup and I kind of for see physical therapy in her future but who knows. She may, in her crazy independent way just stand up and run.

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One Response to Getting Ready to Try and Walk?

  1. Spencer started standing on his own by doing kind of a downward dog yoga pose and flinging himself upright. It worked eventually. He also pulled up on things, but didn’t but the two together for a long time.

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