There’s no way to explain logic to a 18 month old

For a while now, Ivy has mastered the term “Ooops” which she started out as saying “Awoooos” when she’d drop something. When we went to germany and were sitting in the hotel room one of the nights, Jon and I came across this German show called “Upps!!” which was basically a German version of America’s Funniest Home Videos, leaning a little more towards accidents and practical jokes gone wrong rather than wholesome family videos. So ever since that trip when Ivy (or one of us) drops something we say “Upps!” and she has totally caught on.

Only now she’s started to throw things, or drop them off her high chair purposely and yell “Upps!”. So the other night after her bath while I was drying her and putting her jammies on she had thrown her little frog toy (which she charmingly refers to as Ibbit Ibbit Ibbit) like 5 times off the changing table yelling “Upps!” and cracking up each time I picked it up. So after the last time I picked it up I said “You know Ivy, when you purposefully throw something like that it’s not a mistake so you can;t realy say “Upps!” Blink Blink. She just looked at me and I had to laugh at myself for trying to explain logic too her. Though one can only hope that, if I keep it up someday she’ll understand. You know, when she’s 5 or something.

And now, just because I googled it to make sure I was spelling it right, I give you “Upps!”

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3 Responses to There’s no way to explain logic to a 18 month old

  1. TMae says:

    O does that with uh-oh. He’ll drop something, or throw it, and lean out of his high chair so he can see it better and then he’ll look at a parental unit and say, quite charmingly, “Uh oh!”

  2. Suzanne says:

    Oh man, if you figure out how to explain that to toddlers you will WIN AT PARENTING FOREVER. I don’t know a single kid who doesn’t think it’s hilarious to throw something on the floor and then yell “ooops!”

  3. mark e says:

    Oops! Hehe. Ellie has recently started saying “uhoh” yay for growing bebes!

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