Maybe it’s Because I’m a Parent. Or it Could be Because I’m Old

But my birthday was a few days ago and I felt very “meh” about the whole thing. I feel like since Ivy’s been around our birthdays have taken a back seat. It was way more fun planning her first birthday party this summer than trying to figure out what I could do to celebrate my own. It’s not like I’m 25 anymore and feel the need to get a large group of friend together to get famously drunk and oh look now it’s midnight and actually my birthday so lets all do shots. I did get to celebrate by having a nice meal at a favorite Brooklyn spot, Randazzo’s , with my family. Which, for the record, Ivy was completely well behaved for the entire meal – especially since it involved two of her favorite thing: seafood and pasta.Which leads me to believe that this attitude could have a little something to do with mid-thirties rather than parenthood. But who knows?

For the upcoming holiday’s I can barely cobble together a list for myself but have been thinking and getting excited over what we are going to get her. We can’t wait to decorate because she is going to get such a kick out of it (and possibly bring down the tree). Even in thinking about tomorrows food for Thanksgiving I was so excited that this year she can enjoy an actual Thanksgiving dinner as opposed to just some pureed sweet potato.

I think maybe the excitement over her enjoying the holiday’s has more to do with parenthood and the underwhelming desire to celebrate my birthday has everything to do with my age. Perhaps when I hit the big 4-0 it will change yet again, but for now, I am totally content with the fact that I didn’t have a birthday party and only got one card.

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2 Responses to Maybe it’s Because I’m a Parent. Or it Could be Because I’m Old

  1. My sister and I decided not even to do presents for our side of the family, just buy things for Spencer. It’s funny how our focus/perspective shifts. I finally understand why all my friends who had kids in their 20s stopped hanging out with me, who was still single and partying all the time.

  2. TMae says:

    I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older celebrations have become much less…anticipated? There’s less revelry; I’m usually happy to just quietly mark the day.

    Our Christmas will be quiet; just the 3 of us. But the years that I spent with my family, and my sisters kids…it was so fun to just watch the kids be excited and energetic.

    Happy belated birthday, nonetheless. 🙂

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