Handprint Turkey Fail

Someone I follow on twitter posted a really sweet picture of some hand print turkeys that her and her daughter, who is close to Ivy’s age, made. I was so excited to make some with Ivy. I started while she was coloring one day, by showing her how I traced my hand, and then decorating it like a turkey, which she promptly referred to as a quack quack. She scribbled all over, so I thought I’d have a go at tracing her hand. Not a chance! She instantly pulled her hand away saying “No No No No No”. Crap. I didn’t want to push it so I just let her get on with her scribbling. But every time I tried after that I was meant with the same response. I tried when she was happy, tired, just ate, totally in to her coloring, etc. but to no avail.

So my mom got us some finger painting and I though for sure I could get a hand print out of her this way. Not a chance! I showed her first, while I played in the finger paint and made hand prints, but she was not at all interested. I made little blobs of paint for her to experiment with but she wanted nothing to do with them. I went full speed ahead and coated her hand in paint and tried to make hand prints, but no, she was not having it and the best i got was a 1/2 smeared print that you can sort of see the shape of a hand in, but would make a pretty demented turkey. I cleaned the paint off and gave up. Then she started playing with the bottles of paint and was making the motion like she wanted me to unscrew the top, so I did, I dumped some out for her to experiment with. But once she dipped her little finger in it the paint she’d start to shake it and whine and once again wanted nothing to do with the paint. At a certain point of trying to “escape” the paint on her hands, she spilled one of the bottles (not on the carefully set up newspaper but on the carpet) then scootched right onto the paper that had wet paint all over it. As I carried her into her room to get the paint soiled pants off, she proceeded to rub blue all over her face. Thanks to Crayola for making this stuff is non-toxic and washable (and I can attest to the washability of it because i have since laundered all the stuff that got paint on it and there are no traces of paint).

So, sadly there will be no hand print turkeys at our Thanksgiving this year. Maybe next year. I guess I shouldn’t be too sad as I know I have many years of childhood crafts to look forward to.

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3 Responses to Handprint Turkey Fail

  1. TMae says:

    I’ve had pretty good luck getting handprints from O by using an old school ink pad. If I do it quick, I can usually get a mostly unsmeared print. I smoosh his hand onto the paper and then go straight to the sink to wash it off.

    I tried paint once and discovered that it was WAY TOO MUCH liquid to get a good print. Plus it made a friggin mess all over the place. Which I should get used to…

  2. I tried handprints and footprints when Spencer was younger and it failed miserably. I haven’t tried this year. I can’t imagine it would go well. You could just trace your own hand in black and let her decorate it.

  3. Suzanne says:

    The last handprint we managed was at 4 months and involved both parents holding the child in a death grip while one applied paint and the other held the paper totally still. It was not at all worth it. I think handprint art can wait until the kid can handle tracing their own hand with a crayon.

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