Ivy’s Best Friend (Besides the Cat of Course)

Since she started noticing and playing with toys, Ivy has always been into her stuffed animals. When my sister and I were little we used to refer to our stuffed animals as ‘friends’ so of course we use this term with Ivy too.

Ivy’s best ‘friend’ is a stuffed bear her Gammy put in her stocking named Yorrik. For the record that’s the name he came with although Ivy just refers to him as BEAR or BEEEEEE. My father and I have had several jokes and references to “Alas, poor Yorrik”. She’s got several top friends that hang out in her crib, but Yorrik is the only one she ever takes out of the crib. She cuddles him, kisses him offers him her bink and pretends he’s talking on the phone when she’s playing with it.

I’m kind of glad that she prefers him above all the rest because for a while she was leaning towards Mr. Hedgehog, a toy that my sisters work friend gave to her. This particular toy she brought back from China where her cousin works in a stuffed toy factory making cute little animals for an Italian toy company. Could you imagine if we ever lost Mr. Hedgehog?! Wed have to take a family vacation to Italy to replace him! (Not that I’d mind but that could get pricey). At least Yorrik is a Gund and came from the USA so, if god forbid we ever lost Yorrik we could probably find a new one.

Writing about these stuffed toys as if they are members of the family has just reminded me of the book The Velveteen Rabbit. I am going to have to get this book for Ivy when she’s a bit older as I’m sure she’ll love it just as much as I did when I was a little girl.

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1 Response to Ivy’s Best Friend (Besides the Cat of Course)

  1. Oh, I love the Velveteen Rabbit. I found my copy from childhood when we cleaned out my parent’s house. I haven’t read it to Spencer yet because I am afraid he’ll eat it. That book is so sad. Between that and maybe one of the Little House books, I was convinced I was going to get scarlet fever. I was a very impressionable little girl.

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