Since we had a kid I feel like my basic organization has completely flown out the window. I used to pride myself on how organized I was. Shit, my job is to keep someone organized. I’ve been barely holding it together at work but keeping my home life organized? Yeah, that shit has flown out the window. Like , seriously. The only way I can keep the bills sort of paid is by email reminders and auto pay. Thank god for email reminders I’m not sure I would have survived back in the days before email. And I’m really sorry if your birthday passed and I did not acknowledge it because seriously? My own birthday is in three weeks and I keep forgetting about it (Note to self: Plan a party and invite people).

Scheduling and remembering Dr’s appointments? Forget it. Ivy had her 1 year checkup at almost 14 months. I finally just went for a long overdue checkup, which I was supposed to do 6 months ago. And a social calendar. Well, what social calendar?!? I mean besides the fact that we barely ever go out, I cannot remember to call those friends we were supposed to get together with like, last year anyway. My only hope of actually doing stuff outside the house is spontaneity. Oh, you’re having a party? Yes, I can get a babysitter, let’s go. But as far as planning anything – forget it. That is just beyond my brain capacity right now.

I’m not sure why my organizing skills have flown the coop. Ivy is beyond the stage of needing lots of attention and can communicate her needs pretty good, so I don’t always have to anticipate them. I mean, I still do spend 75% of my time tending to her, and then there’s the other “stuff” that needs done: you know, work, my end of the household chores, etc. One thing I can pride myself on is that however disorganized I am getting, at least the laundry gets done and the house is (for the most part) clean.

Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go figure out what I’d like to do for my birthday.

*This post was inspired by Suzanne who suggested I look around for the most ridiculous thing in my house and write about it. Well, (One)Of the most ridiculous things in my house is this napkin holder where we supposedly keep the bills that need paid. Except it;s really full of junk mail, expired coupons scratch off lottery tickets that we need to cash in and an occasional bill to pay.*

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  1. Suzanne says:

    We cleaned off the counter/island for the first time in…a really long time this weekend and the number of papers marked “IMPORTANT! DO THIS NOW!” was horrifying. Car registrations that are expired, unrenewed dog license, my hospital paperwork for L&D, a copy of our marriage license I am *sure* we requested for a very important reason but obviously never sent to whoever needed it… I’m surprised our electricity is still on. I have NO IDEA how to fix my disorganization, or even improve it to the point where it’s manageable.

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