Mobility part 3: No, She’s Not Walking yet

So we took Ivy for her 16 month checkup today. She had to get another blood test because of her lead level. They also finished up 2 of her vaccines. I was so nervous about the blood test that I didn’t even ask how much she weighs. I did see that she’s now 33 1/2 inches long.

For the past few weeks I’ve been kind of stressing out about the fact that she doesn’t walk, or even try to stand. I’ve been bugging out about her ‘above average’ lead level and in a moment of stupidity looked for advice on the internet. When we brought it up to the Dr. he wasn’t alarmed and kind of calmed all my fears. He asked how her fine motor skills were (great) and if she had any words. I was like, dude she’s on the verge of conversing with us and can recognize words and letters in her book. He said just give her as much time on the floor as possible (we do). He then asked about the muscles in her legs and if we were concerned. Then when he was listening to her heart and checking her ears she kicked him and he was like ‘Her legs are pretty strong’. he said if she’s not walking by 18 months, he’s going to recommend physical therapy, but he guessed that she would probably be walking by then and didn’t seem too concerned that she’s not walking yet.

So basically, you’ve got 2 months to get up and start running around kiddo!! We are borrowing a little toy from a friend that she can push around or ride on, and supposedly this toy has helped 2 other babies learn how to walk. I did notice that she does grab on to things and lift her butt up a little, so hopefully she will stand soon. The I’m sure she’ll just take off and I’ll be like “Damn what happened to those days when she just scootched around on her butt everywhere?”

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2 Responses to Mobility part 3: No, She’s Not Walking yet

  1. Suzanne says:

    One of my best friend’s daughter took her first step on her 1st birthday…and never even TRIED to walk again until she was almost 17 months. She was so good at communicating and butt-scooting she just didn’t feel the need to walk. Then within a couple of weeks she was running. I think if the doctor isn’t concerned then you should definitely not be concerned either. In my experience, pediatricians are NEVER relaxed about stuff that could even maybe be a problem.

  2. I agree with Suzanne; if the doctor isn’t worried you don’t need to be worried. I keep seeing ads for that Stride-to-Ride Dino. It is adorable. And for what it is worth, I too a few steps and then refused to walk until I was nearly 2. I turned out ok.

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