Hooked on Phonics

No, this is not an infomercial. Ivy is a pretty chatty little girl but lately, her vocabulary is taking off. And it’s gone beyond just saying words and knowing what they mean, homegirl is now recognizing letters and associating them with words she knows. No joke. I am not exaggerating because I’m a proud mama. My baby can read. (Again with the infomercial products)

A few weeks ago, we were playing with her stacking blocks which have the alphabet on them, and she picked up the biggest one, with ABC on it, pointed to the B on it and said “Beeeeee” to me. I looked at her astonished and asked “What is that?” pointing to the B, and she said it again. “Beeee”. Then, as if to illustrate her new knowledge, she said “Ball” and went and picked up her ball. No Kidding! I texted Jon to tell him our daughter is clearly a genius.

So a few days later, we bust out her ‘Baby’s first Words’ book, which is basically flash cards in book form, and she proceeded to ‘read’ the words to me, with no prompting from me. She knew ball, apple, cat and (almost) dog (she said woof woof). She also kind of knew shoes and socks, and proceeded to put her foot on to the picture of the shoes because duh mom they go on your feet. She’ll also point to the duck and say ‘quack quack’ and says something that sounds a bit like fish, but may be her favorite curse word shit (I’m gonna go with fish though).

She’s now talking away, and recognizing things. If she see the apple in the fruit bowl it’s “Apple Apple Apple” which sounds a bit more like A-bul but we know what she means. The cutest was yesterday when we were driving somewhere and stopped at a light near an Applebee’s and she pointed to the sign and shouted “Apple” or on the way home we drove past an Apple bank and she shouted her favorite word again. During the same car ride we were at a light near a subway station, and she pointed to the globe lights on the entrance and yelled ‘Ball’.

There’s a huge list of words she says and know what they mean, but she’s also totally recognizing letters. And the other day when we were coloring (well, she was scribbling) she actually drew an O and said ‘O’. That may have been a coincidence, but if I draw a B , an A an M or an O she certainly knows what I’m writing.

When I was younger, I announced in Kindergarten that I could read, and my teacher even got me a book (“The Bus From Chicago”) which I proudly read to the Principal with another little girl. When I got to first grade and my teacher was starting us on reading I bragged “I have a ton of books at home. I read all the time”. Once again she brought me in front of the class to read. After that they sent me up a grade for reading. I have a feeling that Ivy’s gonna be just like her mama.

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5 Responses to Hooked on Phonics

  1. That so great she is learning her letters! Spencer thinks anything round is a ball, he went nuts screaming ball! at the pumpkin patch.

  2. Suzanne says:

    Wow, your kid IS a genius! Mine calls everything round “ball” and thinks all animals are dogs or cats. He is getting a little better at repeating if I tell him a word but doesn’t use them much independently. Hey, at least he can sign “eat” and “potty”. Pretty sure we can make it to kindergarten with just those.

  3. mark says:

    doood!! goo ivy! that kicks ass! =DDD

    ellie is gettin there. shes saying cat, dog, ball, hi, hey, boob. and some other fun words. i swear i heard her say “shit” the other day…but it coulda been “sit” LOL LOL.

  4. jon lane says:

    Yep… She takes after her mum (:

  5. rin says:

    Go Ivy!!
    I think it runs in our family because I was the same way. I can’t wait to see her talkative little self again.
    Love and miss you guys,

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