Random Rant: The Duggars

Take a ride with me, on my train of thought for a moment. I was online claiming all my Huggie’s rewards (Hey, I got a free Sophie the Giraffe from saving them!) and I saw that they have this new “Every Little Bottom” campaign, because according to their studies 1 in 3 American Moms struggle to buy diapers. Aside from making me think this is a pretty good case for cloth diapering (the website specifically mention cleaning out and reusing diapers which I can’t fathom how this works with a disposable) it got me thinking about the Duggar family, famous for their reality show, 19 and Counting.

I first saw them on the Today show and was kind of pissed that the Today Show would promote them, especially because it was the week after their ‘green’ week. I mean, religious beliefs aside, 19 kids (though I believe at the time it was only 17) is crazytown. Nineteen . I mean, fair enough, big families are cool but this one is just plain weird. And no, it’s not because of their religious beliefs, or the home schooling- the mom basically pops out a kid and her older daughters take care of it for her. That’s weird! Also, to me, in a time of serious overpopulation to just keeping making babies when there are millions of children struggling to meet their basic needs every day is just plain irresponsible. This is not Nineteen dickity two when families (let’s face it, women) did not have options in terms of family planning. It’s 2010! Global Warming is gonna screw us all over! Poverty is an epidemic!! Stop having so many damn kids!

But the thing that really pisses me off about this family is that the father, Jim Bob, uses his non profit organization to not pay taxes on his house, and before they pimped themselves out to the Discovery channel and got everything paid for that way, they would solicit donations from the community to support their ginormous family. So here’s where my train of thought enters the station to blow off steam. Really?!? There are children out there that are 100 times more needy than yours and you are living off the kindness of others? It just leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. And there’s that weird thing about all their kids having names that start with J. Oh and the newest babies middle name is Brooklyn. Ok, see my crazy train of thought has just derailed. But I did found this while googling The Duggar family:

Duggars Pictures, Images and Photos

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One Response to Random Rant: The Duggars

  1. TMae says:

    I didn’t know that they used a non-prof to avoid taxes, or that they used to solicit donations. Huh. I’m going to add that to the reasons I think they’re weird. Though the quiverfull movement…I got nothin’ good to say about that.

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