I May Have Reacted Differently As a Mom

This evening, after Ivy pleasantly fell asleep (I love those nights), a neighbor in the building next door – which we share an alleyway with, so all sounds from there are amplified through that alleyway- decided that now was the opportune moment to test out some DJ equipment. Some DJ equipment he obviously did not know how to use just yet because he was blasting this music like it was nobodies business.

Magically, Ivy did not wake up, and thankfully he got the volume under control. My first instinct was to be pissed off, my blood started to boil and I started to think how dare he think now is a good time to blast music….9 pm on on a Saturday….oh, right. Now is a totally appropriate time to get loud if you don’t currently have a sleeping child in your immediate vicinity. Thankfully, he stopped blasting the music and Ivy slept away unaware of the budding DJ next door.

I got to thinking about being the my child is sleeping how dare you think there is anything else going on in the world attitude. For the most part, I’m really not that uptight. I think, due in part to the fact that Ivy is teething like the devil and we have had a rough week sleep wise, that I’ve been a little more concerned than usual about noise waking her up. But truth is, we live in a 16 unit apartment building with 2 32 unit buildings on either side of us in Brooklyn, not to mention the buildings behind us. So, there will be noise whether me and my sleeping child like it or not. And I think Ivy is learning to tune it out and get on with her sleep (a child after my own heart).

But this particular thought pattern of mine got me thinking to an incident several years ago. One in which our childless selves had been out drinking and generally being rowdy. We were on our way home, shouting down a quite street in the West Village, and we piled into our car, which was a ’63 Buick Skylark (don’t worry there was a sober driver!) and my husband started it up, which involved a lot of revving of the engine. After a few minutes of these shenanigans, a woman stuck her head out of the window of a townhouse and shouted “EXCUSE ME CAN YOU PLEASE KEEP IT DOWN THERE IS A BABY TRYING TO SLEEP UP HERE!!!!!”

We all cracked up instantly and I remember shouting back “This is NYC there are millions of babies trying to sleep right now” which, although true was kind of crass- in retrospect. I mean, perhaps she was a brand new mama and hooray! her baby has been asleep for longer than 2 hours. Or maybe, her little one was teething and had finally, after much screaming, crying and a few drops of tylenol, gone to sleep.

I mean really, she was being kind of ridiculous because this is NYC and at any given moment there could be fire engines blaring horns and sirens, police sirens, shouting crackheads or even gunshots going off to wake up your sleeping baby. But, as a mom myself now, I can kinda see where the hanging out your window yelling at the source of the noise mentality comes from. Because I am two steps away from either hanging out my window yelling or calling 311 to make a noise complaint. the latter would be tough though since I can’t quiet pinpoint where this noise is coming from. The noise which has progressed from one guy blasting music to a full on party with blasting music and people yelling. Ah, Brooklyn.

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