Speaking of Teeth

Last night may have been the worst night in Ivy’s teething history. I’m pretty sure it’s due to the dreaded one year molars, or pre molars, or uber-painfull back teeth. In the afternoon Jon noticed that her nose was running like crazy- just lots and lots of clear snot. She didn’t feel warm and was really only sneezing. We gave her a couple of shots of saline up her nose, a hot bath and put her to bed.

About an hour and a half after she fell asleep, she woke up SCREAMING her little head off. She screamed for about 20 minutes until Jon finally got her back to sleep. Then about an hour later she was up again. This time we gave her some tylenol. She fell back asleep and was up again in about an hour and this time she was really going into one. I felt bad because she was sounding so horse but wouldn’t stop screaming. So we finally caved and put her in bed with us, where she continued to keep waking up. Sometimes it was just a few whimpers, sometimes it was full on screaming. At some point she managed to worm her way to take up most of our giant bed, causing Jon to be evicted to the couch. By the time she finally fell into a deep sleep it was just an hour left until I had to get up for work. When I did wake up, she was angelically sleeping sideways on our bed, Jon was on the couch snoring away and I was too tired for words!! I hope we can all manage to get some sleep tonight. I’m not sure if I can deal with another full day at work sleep deprived.

By the way I am posting this just 2 hours after putting her to bed and she’s already been up once. Though she was easier to get back to sleep in her crib) so fingers crossed!

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One Response to Speaking of Teeth

  1. mark says:

    this sounds like one of our nights. lmfao.

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