Taking Care of Tiny Teeth

About a month ago I bought Ivy a tiny tooth brush. I had been thinking that seeing as she now has 8 whole teeth I should probably think about making brushing part of our daily ritual. After one of the moms in our playgroup said she flossed her 11 month old’s teeth once because a piece of orange was stuck in there, we all applauded her then talked about how we never even brushed our little ones teeth. Then I read in Parenting magazine that once your baby gets teeth you should try and clean them at least once a day and I felt guilty.

The introduction to the toothbrush didn’t go great, not that I was thinking it would. Despite the fact that I also bust out my toothbrush and “showed” her how I brush my teeth, she really didn’t want anything to do with that toothbrush in her mouth. She waved the toothbrush around, tried to put it in my mouth and kissed it, but wouldn’t let me get it up in her grill at all.

So I bought some Thomas the Tank Engine training toothpaste and tried again a few days later. I was totally amazed. She let me brush her teeth! She even put the toothbrush in her mouth herself a few times. Jon says they were watching ‘Sid the Science Kid’ on PBS kids the other day and they were brushing their teeth on the show. Maybe that was it, maybe it also has to do with the major teething going on and the desire to rub anything on those sore gums and -hey!- this tiny toothbrush fits perfectly in my mouth, but home girl GOT it. So now we’re working on making teeth brushing part of our nightly ritual, which really has more to do with me remembering to do it than her cooperating.

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One Response to Taking Care of Tiny Teeth

  1. mark says:

    mad skillz! ellie likes her teeth brushed n stuff. she thinks its cool. lol

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