Collections blog hop

When my fellow blogger and twitter friend from Baby Baby Lemon first suggested a blog hop about collections, I thought it was awesome but had to think hard about what I actually collect vs. the stuff that just uh, accumulates in my house. So it took me a few days to realize that I collect tins. All kinds, not just old tins, but even stupid tins like the eclipse mints kind. What? I can keep safety pins or buttons in them – they’re usefull !

So, without further ado, I present to you a selection of my tin collections:

There’s biscuit and chocolate tins:
There’s tea tins:
There’s old timey tins:
There’s mint tins:
The Republican Convention mints are awesome right? When the convention came to NYC in 2004 I was working in the same building as a club that hosted one of the after parties and we managed to snag a couple gift bags.
There’s tin signs:
Jon and I found this in a garbage can outside of a bodega. It’s one of my favorite things in our kitchen.
And there’s tins to put your weed in:
I know that first thing is actually a pill box, not a tin, but I used to keep my weed in there. It’s possible the ‘you put your weed in there’ tin started my collecting of tins. I remember getting a little Celestial Seasonings tea tin in a box of tea once that I was delighted with because it was the perfect thing to carry around my weed stash in. This could have started something.

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One Response to Collections blog hop

  1. HA! I also had a “special” celestial seasonings tin in college. It was yellow.

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