Chile Pepper Fiesta at The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

I was really excited when I saw a tweet from the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens that they were having a chile pepper festival this weekend. As you may know from my previous posts about food, we love the hot stuff in our house. I hadn’t been to the BBG in ages and thought since the weather was supposed to be amazing this would be a good chance to get some outdoor time with Ivy.

They had two stages set up and plenty of live music. When Ivy and I got there there was a West African band called Mandingo Ambassadors and Ivy was loving it. She was shaking her stuff and clapping away while they played. We met up with some friends and were lounging in the grass when the second band, Red Baraat! started. They were amazing; Bhangra beats with brass and really energetic drumming. Ivy again was dancing away. We spent most of the afternoon lounging on the grass listening to music.

We did manage to make it to the herb garden to see the actual peppers in bloom, and also perused the vendors, tried some chile chocolate (OH.My.God) and shared a pickle on a stick. I wasn’t sure how long we’d last since Ivy hadn’t napped before we went, but she ended up sleeping for about an hour while we were there (despite the music and excitement around her) and we spent the good part of the afternoon there. It was definitely a great way to kick of the pleasant fall weather. Now I want Jon to make hot sauce!

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