Abscence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

So leading up to this trip I was totally agonizing about the fact that, in order to go to Berlin for work, I would have to spend 5 days away from my family. It really made the most sense for Jon and Ivy not to accompany me, as I would be seriously busy while I was there, but OMG the thought of 5 days without them was killing me. Jon did decide to come out for a few days which made me feel a bit better, but ultimately I still had a few days to deal with. And seriously? before this trip the longest I’ve been away from Ivy was like 12 hours. The way it worked out, I left England on Wednesday, and Jon and Ivy met me in Germany on Saturday. That still meant 3 mornings of waking up without them! I could barely deal in the airport when I was walking through security and Ivy was waving bye and blowing kisses to me.

All in all, once I got there and met up with my coworkers it wasn’t so bad. Actually, it turned out pretty awesome when we went out the first night. We had a work dinner, but following that some of our local friends took us out to this club. When I first got there, I kept thinking this was a really bad idea. Here I am at some club in east Berlin in the middle of an industrial estate which has been turned into clubs and artists spaces and it’s like 11pm and normally, if I stay up until midnight it’s a freaking party. And how the fuck am I going to get back to the hotel I don’t even speak German ?!?! But ultimately, I got over my unsubstantiated paranoia got into the music (reggae and dancehall – my favorite!) and then next thing I knew it was 3:30 am and I’m heading back to the hotel because I have to be up at 6:30!!

The rest of the days went by fast because my days were consumed by work and my nights were filled with German beer. And before I knew it, it was Saturday night and I was meeting the family at the airport. Ivy was super cute when they arrived. The terminal at the airport is basically just a glass wall so I could see them as soon as they came through, and once she caught sight of me she was waving and smiling like crazy. I was also lucky enough to take some downtime off of work so I could spend it with them, and we had a wonderful meal out and even had the chance to do some tourist stuff before we left. The meal was good, a couple next to us even remarked how well behaved Ivy was at dinner ‘especially at this time of night’. I confessed that it was probably because she was still on NY time.


It was kind of the best of both worlds. I got a few nights of freedom and fun, but also got to enjoy family time. And Ivy got another stamp on her passport!!

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3 Responses to Abscence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

  1. Suzanne says:

    It sounds like an AMAZING trip – you clearly have a super cool type job. You’re so lucky Ivy adjusted well – It took me a whole week to get used to England time when I went years ago.

    • babyinbrooklyn says:

      Suzanne – she NEVER adjusted she just went to bed late (like MIDNIGHT some nights) every night. Then when we got home she spent a few days waking up at 5 am ready for the day.

  2. rin says:

    oh my gosh what a PERSON she is becoming!! she’s so beautiful Holly.

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