Abroad with a toddler is alot easier

I guess you can’t technically classify Ivy as a toddler, since she really isn’t toddling anywhere just yet, though she is scootching like mad. But I digress, that is not the point. The point is this trip to England with my 14 month old is SO MUCH easier than the one we took over Christmas when Ivy was just 6 months old that was chronicled here.

I guess the biggest factor is she drinks milk now not stupid formula so there’s no confusion over what the fuck is follow on milk?!? And it’s relatively easy to find organic hormone free milk over here. In fact, in general food is labled so clearly here. And, since she’s pretty much eating whatever we are I don’t have to agonize over not being able to find simple single ingredient baby foods or wonder why on earth they are selling ground up spaghetti bolognese for 5 month olds. I did buy her some fruit and simple veggies to cook so that she can continue on her high fiber diet. But the first night she was here she ate a curry with us and last night she had her first roast dinner, Yorkshire Pud and all. I bet she’ll love fish and chips.

Other than that it’s just easier – she sleeps better now so there’s no big fuss over trying to put her down in the pack and play. I’m more laid back about bedtime and realize that tiny jet lag is no big thing. So what if she goes to bed at 9 pm here, wakes up at 11, stays up for an hour or two with us then goes back to sleep at midnight for a long stretch.

She’s having the time of her life chilling with Grandma and Grandpa and last night got to see 2 of her cousins. Tomorrow I’m off to Berlin for work. I am dreading leaving her for a few days – this will be my first time away from her – but it will be eased by the fact that she will be coming out with Jon on Saturday to meet me there and we’re all going back to England together Monday.

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One Response to Abroad with a toddler is alot easier

  1. TMae says:

    I just travelled across the U.S. with my 11.5 month old and was flipping out about the time change, and bed time, and food, and naps. Really, everything. And once we got here – I let it all go. Much like you said; so what if he’s up late, or naps get moved, or not taken?

    It’s been so much easier than I anticipated it being – I might even plan another vacation sometime in the future. 🙂

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