Yes, I’m that mom

Yes, I am that mom who brings her teething crabby 14 month old out to eat. What? As documented here on this blog, Ivy is usually pretty well behaved when eating out. But not tonight.

But for the past few days she has been teething something fierce, and today despite the long walk, teething tablets and the time spent at the park on the baby swings, she was still awfully crabby. I was staring at my messy apartment and my unpacked suitcases thinking about how I have to get up at stupid o’clock for our flight to England and realized I too needed a change of scenery. We went to a local Mexican place which is pretty kid friendly where Ivy had been many times before. She was pretty good up until the waitress had the nerve to come over and talk to her. Then all hell broke loose. And by hell I mean high pitched screaming and throwing of silverware. Luckily 3 out of the 4 tables there had kids with them. And While I think Ivy’s bloody murder screeches might have frightened the little baby 2 tables down, all the parents were just shooting me a sympathetic looks. She eventually calmed down and I eventually finished my burrito.

Back in my pre-baby days I used to roll my eyes and talk about parents who would bring their “bratty” kids to restaurants that they “couldn’t control”. Now I know that sometimes, even the most well behaved child is out of control. And don;t get me wrong, if the screaming would have continued I would have handled it, possible by removing myself and the screamer form the dining room. And really? It was a Mexican place in Brooklyn filled with other babies and children.

Now I’m off to finish that packing I never did get around too as I just realized I have to get up in 7 hours. Thank god for that little break, screaming and all!

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