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The end of the summer is always a really hectic time for me, as at work we find ourselves in the final stages of planning the Interdependence Day conference of which my boss is the founder. On Sunday we’re flying to England to see Jon’s family and I will continue on to Berlin for the conference where I will hold down the lucky title of Transportation and logistics coordinator for about 75 international delegates. Lucky me. All sarcasm aside, it’s a great event and I’m excited to travel to Berlin, a city I’ve never seen before but the last few weeks have been ca-ray-zee. Hence my infrequent blogging.

But, despite all the hectic work stuff I got to unplug and unwind for a super awesome long weekend and Ivy got to experience on of my favorite annual family traditions: Our visit up to my Uncle’s lake camp in upstate NY. We’ve been going there as a family annually for about the past 11 years, and I can remember visiting as a little girl and teenager too. It’s always a great weekend, there’s no TV and nobodies cell phones work – even if they do we pretend they don’t. It is so nice to be surrounded by nature and the only sounds of ‘traffic’ come from the boats. My Uncle has this barge with a motor that we ride around the lake (it’s like a floating deck) and take out to the middle to swim in the deep water.

The visit with family is always fantastic, and Ivy found a new pal in my cousin Brigitte who is 12 going on 13. The normally wary of strangers bub instantly took to her and they played and giggled and gave high fives all weekend long.

Ivy was in her element with both the constant fresh air and the giant lake stretching out right in front of her. Since the camp house itself is pretty small we spent pretty much all our time outside and Ivy napped and slept like a champion. We set up a little kiddie pool for her to splash around in, and took her swimming in the lake a few times. I think the only part she didn’t enjoy was her infant life jacket when we went out on a barge ride. But she got over it pretty quick when we were moving.

Jon had a great weekend fishing away and I enjoyed simply unplugging and lounging around reading a trashy novel. There were plenty of BBQ’s and beers (in fact, my Uncle has a keg-o-rator). I took Friday and Monday off so it was a super long super relaxing time. So relaxing in fact that it was like pulling teeth trying to motivate to drive back to Brooklyn on Monday. We lolly gagged around all day and ended up leaving at 6 pm – not getting home until 9:30. Not that anyone was complaining.

I look forward to this visit every year and am so glad that Ivy seemed to enjoy it as much as the rest of the family did.

Here’s a picture of me and Ivy chilling on the swing, which she thoroughly enjoyed:


This one has a better view of the lake:


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