It’s My Blog and I’ll Whine if I Want To

In case you can’t guess by the title, this post is going to be one loooong whine.

This week sucked. Majorly. Sunday afternoon we were having a grand old time on Long Beach chilling in the sun swimming in the sea, hanging with friends ending it all with a BBQ. Towards the late afternoon I felt a slight twinge in my upper jaw, but thought nothing of it. I’m no stranger to toothaches (I’ve had 5 root canals by the tender age of 32) and this was nothing serious. Until later that evening when it got really ouchy. But by this time I also felt pain in my sinuses, so I took some advil and went to bed.

Monday was ok, still kind of hurting but I chalked it up to a sinus infection. Monday night was rough. I barely slept and tried all combinations of pain killers, ice packs and finally was able to get a few hours of shut eye when I remembered I had some tylenol pm from when I was pregnant’. I went to see my dentist Tuesday morning and was told I had a gum infection, iven a prescription for some antibiotics and sent on my merry way.

I woke up Wednesday feeling a bit better pain wise (ok, not really) but my face was looking mighty puffy. By Thursday, it only got worse, so I called my dentist again. He said to give the antibiotics a few more days to kick in and if it’s still swollen to call him Monday (as my Aunt said, In other words, don’t bother me until after the weekend). I also mentioned the fact I now had a cough and congestion but he told me it was unrelated.

So Friday morning, I woke up at 5:30 am feeling major pressure throughout my face. I went to the bathroom and noticed my right eye was almost swollen shut. So I woke Jon up and started crying. He suggested the emergency room, so I called a cab. It was actually hilarious when I told the cab driver I was going to Lutheran Hospital he was driving all fast and crazy and I was like “Dude, it’s cool if I really needed to get there fast I would’ve called an ambulance” (Although, who knows – if I had to get somewhere in a rush my odds probably ARE better with a Brooklyn car service than an ambulance).

So after a pretty quick pleasant visit to the ER I was told I have sinusitis in addition to this gum infection. They said the antibiotics I was given are too weak, and prescribed me some stronger shit. So I was happy with this. I stayed home Friday and relaxed. Saturday I still felt kinda crappy but it was a major improvement. Sunday, I was finally starting to feel human after 3 full days on the strong antibiotics. Today when I woke up I felt way better. Then, as I was brushing my teeth I was all “ow, ow, ow” every time I went near my front tooth. I inspected my gums only to find a huge freakin abscess there. What. the. fuck??? “I’m supposed to be getting better!” I yelled at the mirror. Stronger antibiotics!!

So I went to work, and made an appointment with a different dentist. And, after like 5 x-rays and this crazy x-ray scan machine that goes all the way around my head and takes an x-ray of my whole jaw the Dr’s like “I see the problem”. Apparently, my front tooth needed to have a root canal, hence the abscess. As the Ddentist is telling me this I’m like seriously ready to pass out I can’t believe it. He tells me to sit down and explains that he’s going to drain the abscess (eeeewwwwww) which is not helping with the woozy feeling I have and do the root canal. The weirdest part is is that I don’t have any cavities on the said tooth. He says I must have had some kind of trauma on it which killed the nerve, hence the infection and reason for needing the root canal. The worst part is I think I remember the said trauma which happened once Jon and I were horsing around in bed and he accidentally kneed me in the face.

But this week was a challenge and not just because it involved 2 dentists and a visit to the ER at 6am. because parenting when you are not 100% is hard. Especially when your baby is probably teething and super crabby and you are in pain too despite copious amounts of both tylenol and advil and have barely slept for like a week. Lucky for me I had Jon to help out in the mornings, and my mom was here on Saturday. But seriously, I’d like to think that after today’s ordeal I can get some sleep, and be a more sane mom.

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2 Responses to It’s My Blog and I’ll Whine if I Want To

  1. bblemon says:

    Ouch and that sucks. I had a gum infection that led to major swelling because of a head butt to my face from my baby. Sadly, I think your story ends happier than mine. I had a dentist extract the tooth only to visit a second dentist to be told the extraction was unnecessary. Woo! I look like a meth head for nothing. And an implant is $5000. At least it is on the side of my mouth. I tell you this to cheer you up. See! It could be worse 🙂

  2. Suzanne says:

    UGH. That sounds horrible and awful and traumatic. I can’t even stand the gum check my dentist does every 2 years where he pokes you for 30 minutes – I end up with tears streaming down my face, begging to be shot to death.

    Yah for super strong antibiotics and drugs and dentists who aren’t idiots. I hope you feel better soon and Ivy’s teeth give you a break too!

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