Ear Piercing

When Ivy was born she was given a lovely pair of tiny diamond earrings by a good friend. We talked about piercing her ears when she was an infant. After all, Jon works in a tattoo shop, we had it all planned out. He’d get both the piercers in one day and they could simultaneously pierce both of her ears at the same time.

Unfortunately, we never did make that plan and her ears never did get pierced. Even then when she was tiny we were debating on when to do this. I know in some cultures it’s done right away, probably in the hospital. But as she got older and more alert well, now I just can’t see her dealing with it very well.

So what to do? Should we wait? Try and do it now and hope for the best? After the way she reacted to getting her haircut I’m not sure getting her close to needles is such a good idea.

When I was very young (probably 4 or 5) my mom had my ears pierced. Little did she know I am allergic to yellow gold, so when not long after my little ears were pierced I had a big time reaction to the earrings and oh my god I can still remember my mom and my aunt (a nurse) trying to get these earrings out of my puffed up ears. I also remember the black shit the oozed out of them after the got the earrings out. SO needles to say I was one of the few girls in elementary school that went without pierced ears. I didn’t get them re-pierced until I was about 10 and was then sure to ask for sterling silver earrings.

I’m still not sure what we’ll do but at this point I’m sort of leaning towards waiting until she’s old enough to know what’s going on and sit still. Or untill she can ask for them. I think it’s kind of ironic that this is coming from someone who had her sister sign the release form at a piercing shop in the West Village so I could get my nose pierced at 14.

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3 Responses to Ear Piercing

  1. As a maternity RN I’ve been asked a few times to pierce newborn baby girls ears. It is not something we do where I work, but in their country of origin the nurses just do it in the hospital. This is what they told me, I don’t know if this is totally standard? I am curious!
    When I grew up my parents would not let any of the 3 sisters get their ears pierced until their 13th birthday. It was pretty strict but they wanted us to be totally independent at cleaning and changing the earrings. I hated having to wait and would have been ready to do all the work around 9 or 10.

  2. Karen says:

    I come from one of those cultures that pierce babies ears in the hosiptal when they are born. It helps with the whole cute boy, cute girl mixup and I figure if she doesn´t like them she can always take out the earrings and the holes will eventually sort of close. However my niece was born in the States and got her ears pierced when she was about 6 months and she moved around so much one of the sides turned out a bit crooked…so I guess I´m saying maybe wait?

  3. Suzanne says:

    A mama friend of mine waiting until her daughter was about 4 and asked to have them pierced because she saw Mom wearing earring and wanted her own. My friend was SURE the daughter would back out as soon as she saw the gun but she sat there bravely and didn’t cry at all. I was very impressed.

    My own mom made me wait until I was 13, and even then she wanted me to save up my own chore money and pay for it myself. Instead, I talked my aunt into taking me. Oh man, my mom was PISSED. Even as a teenager I remember almost passing out when I had to turn the earrings and they bled. I don’t do well with pain.

    So all that and what I wanted to say was I think you should wait until she asks. It could be when she’s 3, it could be when she’s 16.

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