Esse Bags review and giveaway!


You all know from my various posts that we try really hard to be as green as possible. A really simple way we ‘go green’ is to use re-useable shopping bags. Every year American alone throw away over 100 billion plastic bags. 100 billion!

While I work really hard to always bring my shopping bags with me to the store, I was still bringing home several plastic bags every trip to the grocery store – and not shopping bags but produce bags. Of course, I wouldn’t use a produce bag for everything, but sometimes they are just unavoidable (I’m looking at you green beans).I used to save them and stash them in the diaper bag for those moments when I have a diaper change in the field that desperately needs contained. It still really bothered me that I was, on a weekly basis contributing to that humongous number of bags eventually making their way to our landfill.

So I was incredibly psyched when I came across Esse Bags reusable produce bags. And let me tell you, they have revolutionized my trips to the grocery store. We now come home from our weekly shopping 100% plastic bag free. They come in a handy little pouch that I throw in with my shopping bags and have a draw string to keep your green beans contained. Should you happen to leave your beans in the bag a little too long, or squish an over ripe nectarine in one? Throw it in the wash! I put them in with my kitchen towels. Just like that brand new clean bag. Another plus to these bags is that they’re mesh. So they don’t trap the moisture like a plastic produce bag, and they keep your veggies fresher for longer.

So, I am super excited that the awesome folks at Esse (which stands for Everyday Solutions for Saving the Earth) are offering their Quick Pack to one of my lucky readers, who will be chosen randomly. the quick pack contains 2 reusable produce bags and an everyday bag, which I also have and is awesome because it folds up teeny-tiny and you can keep it in your purse or bag so you always have a bag with you and never need to take a plastic bag.

Here’s the deal: Leave a comment telling me what inspires you to go green. THAT’S ALL YOU HAVE TO DO! OMG how easy is that?!? For a bonus entry, tweet this: Tell @babyinbrooklyn what inspires you to go green! In it for you? @esse_bags reuseable produce bags! and leave another comment telling me you tweeted and what your twitter name is.

You have until midnight on July 27th! US Residents only.

* All opinions stated are my own and I did not receive any compensation for this review*

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15 Responses to Esse Bags review and giveaway!

  1. Suzanne says:

    I want them! I am inspired to go green by having a kid and realizing it IS about saving the planet for the next generation, as lame as that can sound. I’m also inspired by cool stuff like this, since I like having cool stuff.

  2. Suzanne says:

    I tweeted! @bebehblog

  3. Amy says:

    I’ve always leaned towards the greener side and in college I worked in a very green restaurant which taught me to make the most of food and all the crazy things that can be composted. Now, my baby inspires me to be as green as I can be.

  4. Amy says:

    I tweeted (@babybabylemon).

  5. alissa says:

    these seem great! my baby inspires me to be green – i want the best for her :]

  6. alissa says:

    i tweeted! @alissawins

  7. Holly says:

    Wow… what a great review! Thanks so much and good luck to everyone!

  8. Dena says:

    I recently read the “Reducing Environmental Cancer Risk What We Can Do Now” a report from 2008-1009 President’s Cancer Panel and it is astounding how many exposures we are surrounded by. I know this but maybe because my awareness is heightened because of my pregnancy and the thought of how some of these will affect my baby throughout her life I have been making additional efforts to make more changes.

  9. Yo Sis says:

    I’ve always been a …conservator (is that a word?). Like pointless running water drives me batty. I guess the thing that inspires me to go green is that it just makes sense. There’s a lot of us on this planet and we produce a lot of stuff and that stuff needs to go somewhere and we’re runing out of room.

    And, honestly, my stomach literally turns when I see the amount of plastic bags being used when in line at the grocery store. That’s in large part because if this book: “Garbage Land” by Elizabeth Royte . I HIGHLY recommend to anyone who gets outraged by garbage. I think that’s why my house is such a mess. I’m afraid to throw anything away! (Maybe, that’s just an excuse….)

  10. Becca says:

    Wasting food drives me insane. I try to reuse every plastic bag that comes into my home and refuse bags whenever possible…I’m also one of those ‘ziploc washers’. I don’t care if it makes me seem like a crazy old lady. Plastic is the enemy!

  11. Emmie Bee says:

    Like Suzanne, I am inspired to ‘go green’ for my children. I try whenever possible to choose the ‘greener’ option because I know they will be left paying for our mistakes.

  12. Jordy P says:

    I’m inspired to “go green” by looking at all the people around me who do the very opposite. I figure that if I can inspire them, it’ll be a chain reaction!

  13. Barbara says:

    Reusing canvas or other bags for the entire grocery order was just the beginning – it seems natural to use the ESSE bags for the small things such as the produce that we buy – especially since our nutritional awareness has increased and we are using much more fresh fruits and vegetables-which translates to many more plastic bags. And perhaps in light of the environmental tragedy in the Gulf – our awareness must be raised that manufacturing plastic involves oil. And lastly – becoming a Grandparent certainly does put emphasis on the fact that what we do today will affect many generations. I want the greenest planet for them all.

  14. The future includes me to to go green! Right now, I see the future in my nieces and I want them to have a better life in the future.

  15. lauren says:

    Hey! Been meaning to comment all last week but didn’t get around to it. Sorry!

    What inspires me to “go green”…
    I know it’s cliche but in all honesty it’s the future generation’s earth as much as it is ours now. I feel like we as humans are so wasteful and excessive in almost everything we do. If everyone started carrying their own bags to the grocery store just imagine how much everyone would benefit! (I cant even begin to list the damage they do to the environment.) People don’t look at the whole picture, thinking that they wont make a difference but it starts with one person…everyone has the power to make a difference and lessen the damage we are doing to this beautiful planet. Go green!

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