Pool Time

So, as anyone who lives in the Northeast knows we are having one hell of a summer. There was that week that I’m trying to erase from my memory that was like 100+ degrees every single day. And although the weather eased up a little (it’s been like 85 or 90 instead of a freakin hundred) it has been mega humid and just generally uncomfortable out.

We’ve tried to escape to the beach, be it Long Beach, LI or the good old Jersey Shore as much as humanly possible. But, the beach, as much as I love it, is a production. I daren’t swim in any of the close NYC beaches so what’s the point of going? [Call me what you will but once we were at Riis Park and the tide was coming in and it was literally wave after wave of garbage and that gross foamy stuff. And the one time pre-bub that we got drunk and went swimming at Coney Island? Yeah, we both got ear infections. City Beaches are not for me.] So the closest decent beach is 40 minutes away, which isn’t bad but it’s still a journey. You need the cooler, the drinks the food for bub, etc. So we really only go when we’re both off and have the time, which lately is never.

So today I was melting melting from the heat and humidty and decided that Ivy and I would venture to the good old NYC Parks public swimming pool that’s just 3 short blocks from our house. We’ve already explored the baby sprinkler which is ::::yawn:::: BORING so I decided today was the day. A bunch of the moms from playgroup had already been with their little ones, and Jon and I went pre-bub so I knew the drill. You have to be wearing a bathing suit and you have to bring a lock because all you can bring into the pool area is a towel (and, as I learned today a sippy cup). They make you line up, then they check that you have a lock and don’t have anything bad in your bag. I was also told that babies need to be wearing a swim diaper and a bathing suit. Nobody actually verified that Ivy had a swim diaper on, and I’m pretty sure they don’t care about babies in bathing suits because I saw a few in only swim diapers.

BUT- Ivy got a super cute bathing suit as a gift that she never wears because we usually take her into the ocean naked and into the kiddie pool in only a swim diaper. So we both suited up and got ready to go:


I packed her into the Ergo because strollers are not allowed, unless your brave enough to lock it up to the fence outside and leave it, which I am not. So we get there and have to wait on this line because apparently the pool is closed between 3 and 4 for lifeguard change over or something. It was only 3:50 so we sweat it out, literally. Ivy got crabby in the Ergo so close to me so I took her out so she could be free to flirt with everyone around us. Finally they start letting people in. Then there’s some lock drama because apparently there have been a rash of thefts in the locker room and if you don;t have a masterlock (copyright tm) you can’t come in. I almost cry because I do not in fact have a masterlock (copyright tm) I have a crappy dollar store padlock. Then the stern lady who tells us this changes her tune and says “Well, it’s very hot today so you can come in with whatever lock you have but we are not responsible for your lost or stolen property blah blah blah” When I get to the front of the line I remark about my dollar store lock and she says “Don’t worry shit is only getting stolen from the men’s locker room”.

So we get in and it’s kinda awkward because the locker room is like, ew and I somehow have to get my outer layers off without putting Ivy down. A nice lady who works there sees my struggle and offers to hold Ivy for me. Amazingly Ivy sits on her lap while I strip down to my suit.

They make you rinse off in the shower before you go into the pool, and I somehow manage to turn the shower on and spray Ivy right in the face. She is not happy about this. So we go through and find a space to put down our towels and sippy cup, and start to head down the ramp into the pool. When her feet first touch the water she’s not so sure. We go a little further in and she’s even less sure. there are screaming children and teenagers splashing and cannon balling into the pool. The lifeguard near us keeps blowing a whistle because apparently you can’t do anything in the pubic pool, like you know, hold on to the railing. So we try to go in a little deeper to get away from The Whistle and Ivy is getting a little happier. Another woman with a baby passes us and Ivy waves to the baby. If a groups of screaming kids gets too close or someone splashes near by she cries a little (uuhhhhh-uuuhhhh) and holds on tight. It’s kind of hard to avoid splashing and screaming because hellooooo heatwave in NYC.

Eventually she gets used to/tunes out all the things that are scaring her and then we are having some serious fun. We’re bouncing up and down and now she herself is a splashing kid. I’m picking her up and down in and out of the water and she joins the chorus of screaming children. She is cracking up and loving the water. When I’m holding her by my chest she even stretches her little legs back and starts kicking, which makes me want to get her into swim lessons like pronto, but unfortunately the lessons they offer (free) at the pool are for kids 2 and older. Oh well, there’s always next year. But for the rest of this year, we are going to be making plenty of trips back to the pool. Hooray for NYC Parks for cooling us down during this hot hot summer!

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1 Response to Pool Time

  1. Suzanne says:

    That whole first part sounds like prison, complete with the mandatory shower. But damn if I don’t wish we had a public pool in this weather. Our beaches are only 30 minutes away but cost and arm & a leg.

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