Enjoying Music Together

It’s no secret that Ivy loves music. Since she was in my belly we’ve been playing music for her, and every night she falls asleep to some sweet reggae – usually Bob Marley but we mix it up with some Peter Tosh or Gregory Isaacs every once and a while.

For her birthday she got both a little kid sized guitar, an Imaginarium wooden xylephone and a few Melissa and Doug band sets (the Sea Symphony and Band in a Box). She’s already demonstrated great rhythm and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she ends up being a musician like her daddy.

A few days ago I downloaded the Reggae Gold 2010 compilation for some fresh workout music and could not stop listening to this one song “Say Hey (I Love You)” by Michael Franti and Spearhead. Seriously. I was like a teenage girl with that shit playing it over and over; listening to it first thing when I got up and was working out, again on the subway ride into work, and on the ride home.

Last night Ivy was fussing like crazy and I was singing it to her and she started to calm down. So I decided to actually play it (and give myself a fix). We plugged the iPod into the stereo and started to jam. Ivy seriously enjoyed it. She was shaking her stuff, and doing her dance move that shows she’s really into her music which is lifting one of her arms up in a fist and jamming. About 30 seconds into the song Jon came in and started playing her xylephone along with the beat and I started to shake one of the maracas along. Ivy was in heavan and squealed with delight while she danced away.

She also enjoyed the rest of my summer reggae play list which includes a wide range of both new and old reggae from Stephen Marley to Mighty Sparrow and all the way back to Stranger Cole.

So now for your enjoyment, the video for Say Hey (I Love You).

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3 Responses to Enjoying Music Together

  1. Suzanne says:

    Even as someone who still loves her Britney Spears CD’s and can sing not one but TWO Justin Bieber songs, I love that song. It’s actually made it’s way into pop music & is on the radio several times a day. I bet Ivy does grow up to be a musician!!

  2. babybabylemon says:

    I just played it for Spencer and he started shaking is head and patting the floor to the beat(ish). I love happy music babies!

  3. mark says:

    w0o! i didnt know they still made reggae gold cd’s! haha i think i still have my reggae gold 1996 cd. LMAO! im glad ivy <3's music. ellie fell asleep listening to Jimi today. she likes the blues. LOL.

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