Asserting her Independence at Dinnertime

Lately Ivy refuses to eat unless she can either feed herself or at least hold her own spoon while I feed her. She does pretty good actually getting her food into her mouth with her own spoon, for the most part. If it’s something like applesauce or fruit puree and yogurt she at least is able to dip the spoon in the bowl and then get most of what’s on the spoon into her mouth.

But, taking place at the same time as this self-feeding milestone is another big girl trait- she’s so over purees. Unless there’s yogurt involved. But one can only eat so much yogurt so for the most part, she wants her food chunky so she can use those 8 teeth that she cut so painfully to chew up her food.

So when she’s eating something like some mashed up zucchini with pastina and lentils, we have a bit of a situation on her hands. One in which most of the food does not make it from the spoon to her mouth, and instead, ends up all over her high chair and the floor.


If it’s something yummy it then become cat food, but for the most part our dinnertime ends with mama picking up tiny bits of pastina from the floor and Ivy eating approximately half of what was in her bowl.


I’m not sure why I even bother with the bib, except that I use it to wipe the food from her face (and neck, and arms, and legs) afterwards. Oh, and that painting behind her? Yes, it once was graced with peaches and yogurt. Please don’t tell Jon

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3 Responses to Asserting her Independence at Dinnertime

  1. Karen says:

    I’ve also started on the food posts and I actually linked my post to one of yours.Lu also tries to feed herself except she’s 8 months so she basically feeds her nose. I’ve opted for a cheap plastic party tablecloth under her highchair, much easier to clean than my floor…

  2. Suzanne says:

    You just have to give in to the mess. It’s gotten so bad at our house the dog won’t even eat most of it off the floor – he’s too picky to both with anything that isn’t steak or cheese. I’ve graduated Baby Evan up to the dull plastic Ikea forks over the spoon because he’s pretty good at stabbing food (and not his face) and it seems like less ends up on the floor.

  3. babybabylemon says:

    I’m not looking forward to the transition to silverware. Right now, Spencer will eat almost anything cubed, but he uses his fingers. If it is any consolation, she looks adorable while she makes the mess.

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