TV Baby

Yes our 1 Year Old Watches TV…I know, I know…The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend television for children under 2. I know, I know, electronic baby sitter, it will rot your brain, and if certain extreme opinions are to be believed it will lead to ADD and ADHD and lord knows what other kind of disorder. But listen, it’s not like we don’t read to her, talk with her, play with her, play guitar for her (well Jon does anyway) and otherwise cuddle the shit out of her. And most of the time she’s watching some form of PBS kids so it’s not like I’m sitting her in front of Sponge-Bob for 5 hours a day.
She has this crazy nursery rhymes DVD that my mom got her, by the company called Baby Genius (like the ghetto Baby Einstein) and it’s your basic run of the mill stuff like Old McDonald and If Your Happy and You Know It (which Ivy will now clap her hands too). For some reason though, this shit will keep her entertained she gets excited when the menu comes on. It has actual human babies and kids in it plus these animated animals, which are also sometimes represented by little stuffed animal or adults in giant bear/ elephant/alligator suits. The very worst part about it is that I get the damn songs stuck in my head and end up walking around the office singing “1,2 I love you, 3, 4 let’s count some more blah blah blah blah blah” But when this is on she laughs and dances and claps along. It’ really quite cute. We also have an ‘underwater adventures’ DVD by them which is basically footage from an aquarium with some animation thrown in to classical music.

We have some Baby Einstein videos too, although these are generally weird, creepy and trippy. Seriously, they make me want to smoke a joint when I watch them they are so mesmerizing. Jon should not be surprised if he comes home one night, and the bub is in bed and I’m stoned on the couch watching Baby Einstein.

Ivy also enjoys Bob The Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine which I can generally deal with. There’s a handful of other PBS kids shows she likes (I LOVE that PBS has a 13.2 station just for kids), but these are the only ones we watch on the regular.

Look, I generally think TV is crap and am against the way that advertisers market shit right to kids during Saturday morning cartoons, etc. but it’s not like I’m relying on it to raise my kid. And if she’s anything like her mama she will end up devouring books. She already loves her books and will turn the pages for me when I’m reading to her, or pick up the books herself and vocalize while pointing to the words.

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3 Responses to TV Baby

  1. Suzanne says:

    I am totally jealous that your kid watches TV. I think the fact that we have ours on practically 24/7 has made Evan oblivious to it and not only does he not care WHAT I put on he actively ignores anything even remotely aimed at children. This morning he danced to Lady Gaga on the Today Show and I almost cried with happiness. I NEED an electronic baby sitter before the new baby comes. ANYTHING that can entertain him, mama free, for an hour would be wonderful.

  2. Kristin says:

    I don’t think watching a video once in awhile is bad. My son sometimes watches Caillou clips on youtube when I clip his nails!

  3. mark says:

    hey! no worries! sometimes we have the tv on…but ellie doesnt even pay attention. usually i have some music channel on for background sound while we play and do other activities! i think noggin doesnt show commercials btw and they have some interesting shows! ellie gets a kick out of sesame street tho. she’s fascinated by the muppets.

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