Mobility, Part 2

Remember when I wrote this post worried about Ivy at 10 months not being so mobile? And there was a few months in between then and now when I tried really hard not to compare her to what the other babies were/are/are supposed to be doing. Well, now we have reach true mobility. Ivy is now queen of the butt scootch and this is her main way to get anywhere. If Frank the cat walks away? Butt scootch right to him. If I leave the room? Butt scootch right to me. If she gets bored with her toys? Butt scootch to something contraband like the dresser or the eliptical machine in our bedroom.

This morning I left her in the living room with her bottle and as I was doing dishes she scootched right past the kitchen, stopped and laughed at me then continues right on down the hall way to go into her room to pull all her books off the low shelf. We took her to the beach yesterday and despite the fact that she was completely naked (sans diaper and all) she scootched right off the blanket and into the sand to go chase Jon. The funniest thing was the little butt prints she left in the sand. I tried to take a picture but she swept them all away with her hand.

So needless to say tomorrow I am going out to buy outlet covers and an anchor for our flat screen tv so she doesn’t pull it off the low lying table it’s on. I am also going to have to start mopping the floors like every damn day because it’s embarrassing how dirty her little butt and the sides of her feet are getting from all this activity.I know that very soon when she’s actually walking around there is going to be a whole new world of baby proofing that will need to be done around here.

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