So, this is a random rant about a controversial topic. If I offend you, I apologize but I really just need to sound off on this.

I was riding the train into work the other morning and I saw a poster for this website with a picture of a young girl and their tagline “Abortion changes you”.

Now, I’ve never found myself having to deal with an unplanned pregnancy (Thanks to my very open honest mother and planned parenthood), though I do have friends who have gone through this. While I can’t say I know what went on/ is going on inside their heads, I was just struck by the pure ridiculousness of this statement.

Because, yes, I’m sure the experience of ending an unplanned pregnancy isn’t as trivial as ‘oh I went to the Dr. today’ But having a baby doesn’t change you? I mean, really? 9 months of pregnancy, including the body changes and hormonal imbalances doesn’t change you? Going through labor and delivery doesn’t change you? Bringing a pregnancy to term and then giving the baby up for adoption has no affect on you whatsoever? Or for that matter, bringing a pregnancy to term and then dealing with the adjustment of caring for that child when you didn’t really plan on it doesn’t change you? Realy?!?!

I’m pretty sure it must have been a man that came up with this ad campaign because any woman, no matter how passionately pro-life would have thought about the absurdity of trying to send a message that having an abortion will change you forever, but go ahead and carry that pregnancy to full term and pop out the kid and everything will be just peachy mmmkay.

Look, I’m very pro-choice and if for whatever reason you are anti-abortion/pro-life, I’m not writing this to get up on my Keep Your Laws off My Body soapbox and offend you. I’m also not trying to trivialize having an abortion or say in any way, that it is not as much of a life-changing experience as having a baby. I was just struck by the complete lack of judgment this organization uses in it’s ad campaign. Plus it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to.

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4 Responses to Really?

  1. Yo Sis says:

    I totes noticed that ad on the subway this morning, too. And it always bugged me and, like you said, not just on the “pro-choice v. pro-life” sorta way, but I couldn’t figure out why. But, you nailed it. Very eloquently, might I add.

  2. Emmie Bee says:

    I come from both sides of this. It’s a stupid ad for sure. Pregnancy changes you. Regardless of if you terminate, raise the baby or opt for adoption.

  3. emily bilbrey says:

    that statement is outrageous! as if to say “having an abortion changes you, but having an actual INFANT will be all sunshine & lollipops & unicorn kisses!” are you fucking KIDDING me?!

    like you, i have never personally dealt with an unplanned pregnancy, but i am strongly pro-choice. it is not my position (or anyone else’s) to decide what is right for another person’s body & life. shame on whatever organization created that “campaign” for deliberately toying with womens’ emotions by playing up one aspect of becoming pregnant while completely ignoring the actual reality of what it entails… yes, i absolutely promise that having an abortion would change a person. but i also promise that having a baby? will change that same person even more. and all that is not to mention what happens when a baby is brought into the world when they are not truly wanted.

    great post, fantastic perspective.


  4. this woman says:


    ‘Cuz you’re totally the same person after you’ve been pregnant for 9.5 months and delivered a baby. Yeah. No changes then.

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