Ivy’s First Haircut

I really am going to write a post – with pictures!- about Ivy’s first birthday party, but that involves actually downloading pictures and stuff. In case you don’t follow Football, there were several important games on this weekend (which led to both the USA and England being eliminated). So this meant all my usual afternoon weekend tasks like the taking Ivy to the park and cleaning, and laundry, among other fun stuff were moved to time when I was not otherwise engaged at screaming at my TV. Which left no time for blogging.

Plus, the mini- milestones that Ivy has been reaching lately have been coming faster and faster. She can actually get food into her mouth (most of the time) when attempting to feed herself with a spoon. She can actually put the right shaped blocks through the appropriate shaped holes in her shape sorter. She scribbles with crayons! And tries to eat them!

But on to the haircut. For a few weeks now we’ve been talking about cutting her hair. She was born with a ton of it, and never lost her newborn hair, save for a slight thinning where she used to rub her head on her crib. But since Day 1 Ivy has had nothing short of a full head of hair. So lately the front has been getting in her eyes all the time. We tried clippies but they never lasted too long before she pulled them out.

So after a particularly hot day yesterday which involved lots of frustrated eye rubbing, due not to being tired but to hair in the eyes, we decided after her bath and hair washing we’d cut her hair. It wasn’t easy. I left the actual deed up to Jon since I am not the most steady handed individual and hey, he’s a tattoo artist and has to be steady handed – his job depends on it!

So we put her in her high chair and combed the front bits of her hair down, which led to instant fussing, eye rubbing and attempts to grab the comb. Jon then clipped off the front bits so she had cute little bangs. Then we noticed we missed a bit. At this point Ivy was full on wailing and shaking her head back and forth but somehow Jon managed to clip the final bit and now our little girl has little bangs that don’t get in her eyes anymore. Oh and while we were at it we trimmed the back bits so she no longer has a baby mullet.

I know that parenthood is full of firsts, but for some reason I got a little emo over this one. Somehow her cutting her first teeth or saying her first word didn’t make me feel like OMG girl slow down! But the haircut did.

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One Response to Ivy’s First Haircut

  1. Suzanne says:

    This is why I can’t bring myself to get rid of the baby mullet. Hair cuts are just so GROWN UP. I can’t wait to see pictures, I bet she looks adorable!

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