I think she might be hungry

Yesterday was the day my mom was watching Ivy. I called to check in on my lunch hour and the conversation went something like this:
“How’s it going?”
“Oh everything’s fine, we’re playing with her new stacking blocks. Hey – has she ever done this with you? She’s reaching into the blocks and pretending to pull something out of it and eat it”
“No, she never pretend eats with me but that’s cute”
“Yeah, it is, oh she just took a bite out of one of the blocks!” (They’re cardboard Melissa and Doug ones)
“Do you think maybe she wants a snack?”

Haha! Who needs baby sign language when Ivy will straight up try to eat her toys to let you know she’s hungry. Although, her usual signs that she wants food include: smacking her lips like she’s eating, crying, eating weird stuff off the floor, reaching frantically towards something we are eating- though she’s been known to do this immediately after her meal, she just thinks whatever we’re eating looks better.

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