Moving on to Cow’s Milk

*Discalimer: I am going to talk in depth about poop in this post*

So now that we’ve hit a year my Dr. and all those baby books and websites tell me it’s time to start making the switch to milk (organic, hormone free of course). She’s already a big big fan of yogurt, and we have also been mixing her cereal in the morning with small amounts of milk, but what I wonder about making the big moooooove (sorry, couldn’t resist), as in, bye bye formula. I guess start small, maybe replacing one bottle of formula (she only has 3 a day) with a sippy cup of milk? I read somewhere that you can mix milk and formula – is this a better way?

She eats a pretty varied diet so I’m not super worried about her missing out on all those nutrients that formula has added into it. In fact, I’m excited about making the switch, because yesterday when I was reading up on it I had one of those “OMG EUREKA” moments which hit me like a ton of bricks.

You see, ever since she hit about 6 months, she has had a pretty regular problem of tending towards constipation. And not just, oh she doesn’t poop every day constipation, like OMG she only poops once a week and it comes out huge and hard and she screams and cries and it huuuurts and sometimes we have to, uh, assist her with getting it out. We talked to her Dr. about it , but his only suggestion was the she gets more fluids & green vegetables. She drinks plenty of water and juice (diluted) and eats lots of veggies so I wasn’t sure what the hell was going on.

But then I started doing a little research about switching to cow’s milk and read about being sure that when you switch your baby gets plenty of nutrient and IRON rich foods, because unlike breast milk or formula, cow’s milk is not rich in iron. And then I remembered when I started taking my prenatal vitamins, which were high in iron and OMG I couldn’t poop on the regular any more.

So my purely, unscientific/ scientific conclusion here is that because she already eats a varied diet of nutrient rich food and is still getting several bottles of formula a day, the iron is making her constipated. I guess we’ll see as we slowly ease her on to cow’s milk how the pooping goes. hopefully better because man do I feel bad for her sometimes.

I am also excited for the switch to cows milk because I am going to use this opportunity to start weaning her off the bottle as well. She always gets her juice and water from a sippy cup, and has even ‘practiced’ a few times drinking water out of a regular big girl cup (both times she ended up with more water all over herself than in her mouth), so it seems like we are poised at a good time to make the switch.

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2 Responses to Moving on to Cow’s Milk

  1. emily bilbrey says:

    i think you’re exactly right in your deduction about your little pooper’s constipation issues! my poppy is the exact same way – gets stopped up when she eats foods that are heavy in protein & iron. one thing that seems to help is adding little pinches of organic greens powder (from heath food stores) into her yogurt or juice. it’s really healthy and seems to keep her moving! it also never hurts to give her baby prunes. works for us every time.

    good luck on the milk switch! we are currently doing 1/2 organic cows milk & 1/2 organic soy (p is 14 months old) and it’s going great!


  2. Suzanne says:

    I think I have FINALLY convinced Evan to drink more milk from a cup than from me, which is the most amazing development ever. It took some coaxing though, because the first time I offered him whole, organic, $5.99 for a freaking half-gallon cow’s milk he spit it out all over the floor and threw the cup over the gate. Apparently whole milk is super thick and totally different from breastmilk and he hated it. I didn’t want to use soy because of scary hormones and stuff so we started using rice milk. He LOVES it, especially the vanilla kind (duh, it tastes like a milkshake) and will even now drink a combo of half whole-milk & half-regular rice milk.

    Our only problem with rice milk is it is super low if fat so if it was all he was drinking I’d be worried. A friend yesterday suggested hemp milk (sold at health food stores) instead, which is good for lactose-sensitive or picky babies who still need the fat and calories.

    Oh and the iron thing – we gave up on the Tri-Vi-Sol drops after like 2 days because the iron made the baby SO CONSTIPATED. Plus they smelled like ass.

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