Dinner Fail is Actually a win

The other night I didn’t quiet have a proper dinner ready for Ivy, and I was feeling bad about giving Ivy the same foods over and over. I felt like we were stuck in a rotation of Squash with chicken, sweet potato and green beans, to beef and carrots.

So in an effort to mix it up, I cooked some lentils one night, which Ivy thoroughly enjoyed. The next night, I made her some more lentils, which I mixed with some cut up green beans and pastina. Sans seasoning, when I tried some it tasted, well, bland. So as I tried to feed her, she kept pushing out every spoon full of food I dutifully fed her. I was, at the same time enjoying my dinner of rice, lentils, and chicken with plenty of pepper sauce. In a random moment of bad judgment, I thought, hey, might as well let Ivy try some.

I guess I had the book Hungry Monkey on the brain and didn’t think Ivy would mind a little spice in her life. Truth is, after a few spoon full of MY dinner, Ivy was ready to accept it. At first she made a funny face after trying my spicy dinner, but she totally opened her mouth for more.She ate about 4 spoon fulls of the spicy stuff before protesting, and ultimately tested out something brand new that I think she liked.

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1 Response to Dinner Fail is Actually a win

  1. I had a similar experience with pesto. I was eating noodles with pesto for lunch and served Spencer plain noodles. He was eyeballing my lunch so I gave him some of mine and he scarfed down half my lunch and I ended up finishing his plain ones.

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