Baby’s First World Cup

I’m not really super into any sports, I can get somewhat into the World Series or Super Bowl, but if I had to pick a favorite team sport to watch it would hands down be soccer (which will be referred to from this point on as football). So every four years I get very into the World Cup. Despite being English, my husband isn’t very into football or any sports either.

In fact on the trip to England when I met my my husband, it was during the World Cup in ’98. I can honestly say I have never seen an entire city go so crazy during a sporting event as they do in England during the World Cup games. I remember riding the tube back to where we staying and watch the whole car sing the England football anthems. I remember being in a pub after England won a qualifier and people just going ballistic. They were naked, they were screaming, they were sloshing beer everywhere. EN-GA-LAAAAND!!! It was mayhem and I loved it.

I also have fond memories of hanging out with friends and staying up late/getting up really early to catch games when the world cup was in Japan/South Korea. Bars were opening at 7 am, or secretly staying open past 4 am just to show games.

So, needless to say I was excited for a World Cup in 2010. I was double excited for Ivy to get to experience it. So when I was browsing the aisles of Target and saw this;

I couldn’t resist. So naturally, today after hanging our English flag on the door of our apartment we dressed Ivy in her Football gear.

At first, I was going to just chill at home but then I caught the football bug and wanted to go out. There’s a pub a few doors down from the tattoo shop and some of Jon’s friends from England were in the city so I headed into the city to watch. The place was packed, probably 50/50 with England and USA fans. Ivy fared pretty well, towards the end she got a little tired and cranky and upset when everyone was yelling, so we actually missed the end of the game so we could walk around the park for a nap.

I am so excited to watch this play out over the next month or so! We also have a pretty good, low key Mexican restaurant just 3 blocks away that will be showing all the games. Our computer sucks so it’s hard to live stream but I think Univision (the Spanish network Tv channel) is showing almost all of the games, so between that and Maria’s Bistro Mexicano we’ll be tuned in. I’m also glad the games are being held in a time zone that makes it easy to tune in.

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