Snack Traps Yea or Nea?

So I need some advice about a little product here. I am really trying to not buy stuff I don’t need (or think i need). As the amount of plastic crap laying around our house is reaching a fever pitch and I don’t want to add to it if it’s not necessary.

I am thinking about getting a snack trap but want to know if it’s actually a good product or if I should not bother.

Ivy is really into feeding herself now and often for her snack time she gets some Pirates Booty or Puffs. Most of the time I just give her a little plastic bowl of the stuff wherever she is playing/chilling but this always ends with the snack all over the floor, and her eating something nicely seasoned with cat hair.

Now I know a snack trap will not end all of woes because she will most likely retrieve a piece of booty/puff and rub it all over the floor before she eats it anyway. But maybe it will keep an entire bowl of snacks from immediately going all over the floor?

I know, I’m putting a lot of thought into something that costs like $8 and is just a tiny piece of plastic. But this is from a woman who washes and reuses ziplock bags.

So does anyone out there use these things and are they worth the guilt on my conscience that I am contributing yet another piece of plastic to the landfill (eventually)?

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